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Lynn Louise Wonders, MA, LPC, RPT-S is an early childhood development and parenting expert. She offers private coaching and consultation for parents throughout the U.S. She is a well-known professional in the field of play therapy, providing training, supervision and mentoring to child therapists world-wide having practiced for more than 15 years in schools, child development centers and through her private practice.

Mom Guilt: Navigating Parent Insecurities

In celebration of Working Parents Day, we took on parental guilt and gave five moms the surprise of their lives by sharing video testimonials from friends, family members, teachers and coworkers who validated that they’re doing a great job as parents – despite their personal insecurities. Their reactions show the magic that happens when we lift each other up.

Helping Preschoolers Develop Gratitude

Children aren't born grateful, but parents and educators can nurture an attitude of gratitude with these tips.

Positive Parenting Tips for the Under-Five Set

Overly strict parenting typically results in either rebellious, angry children or children who don’t develop a healthy ability to speak for themselves. Overly permissive parents…

9 Ways to Banish Boredom

When your children cry, “I’m bored!” this is a wonderful window of opportunity to help them flex their exploration and creativity muscles. Today’s young children…

6 Ways to Help Your Preschooler Make Friends

Parents play a major role in helping young children develop a healthy social life. While it is essential that little ones have ample time and…

5 Ways to Involve Your Child in Household Chores

Ready to start spring cleaning? Here's why it's important to have your little ones help — and how to incorporate teachable moments while tidying up your home.
Primrose Teacher holding Peanut the Pony to teach about honesty

Truth for Kids: 5 Tips for Teaching Children Honesty

Many parents of preschool-age children become concerned when their child starts to tell lies, but this is normal behavior for children this age. Teachers at…
Toddlers in simple Halloween costumes sitting outside

7 Tips: Stress-Free Costumes for Kids

Hooray for trick-or-treat and costume parties! Pick a fun, comfortable costume for your preschooler or toddler with these tips.
Child's hands holding and using a blue mobile phone

Don’t Pass the Phone: 7 Alternatives to Screen Time

As a parent, I know it can be all too tempting to entertain your child with screen time. But how much is too much?
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