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TicTacToe board made from pretzel sticks, ham and cheese heart-shaped cutouts

How to Make Tic-Tac-Toe Snacks

Turn snack time into playtime with this fun and healthy snack idea – one of our favorite kid-friendly recipes! Your child will love this Valentine’s…
Snacktivity: One-Eyed Jack

Snacktivity: One-Eyed Jack

This quick and easy one-eyed jack (a.k.a. egg in a basket) is the perfect breakfast for busy mornings – and one of our favorite easy…
Small boy playing with paper plane

How to Make a Paper Airplane

Learning how to make a paper airplane is a great way for your child to learn about shapes and symmetry, while also developing fine motor…
Explore Science with this DIY Lava Lamp

Explore Science with this DIY Lava Lamp

This DIY lava lamp makes it easy for your child to understand the density of different liquids. Find out which secret ingredient puts everything in…
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