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Dr. Steve Sanders is a university professor and author who is nationally recognized for his work in early childhood physical education. Steve helps teachers provide high-quality physical education instruction that encourages a lifetime of active living. Additionally, he assisted in the development of the Primrose Schools Thumbs Up!® program and has worked with groups like Sesame Street Healthy Hearts to design physical skills development programs for children across the nation.

Little boy happily holding a soccer ball, sitting in a field

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Children and Physical Fitness

It’s no secret that today’s children do not participate in as much physical fitness as children in previous generations, hence the childhood obesity epidemic our…
A smiling baby boy crawls outdoors on grass

Developing Motor Skills at Your Child’s Pace

Contrary to popular belief, motor development – how the body and muscles intentionally move – does not naturally occur with age. Just like learning to…
A toddler boy enjoying himself on a slide in the park

The Benefits of Getting Kids Active, Starting Early

Children can’t become active toddlers, teenagers and adults without a strong foundation of basic skills. Motor and traveling skills – like catching, throwing, balancing, running,…
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