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Dr. Steve Sanders is a university professor and author who is nationally recognized for his work in early childhood physical education. Steve helps teachers provide high-quality physical education instruction that encourages a lifetime of active living. Additionally, he assisted in the development of the Primrose Schools Thumbs Up!® program and has worked with groups like Sesame Street Healthy Hearts to design physical skills development programs for children across the nation.

Mother having fun with her two young sons in the snow

Why Outdoor Play is Beneficial for Children

The importance of physical activity for kids does not change just because the weather has gotten colder. Playing outside has a positive impact on children’s…
Little girl playing in a tunnel tube, crawling through it and having fun

Ways to Keep Your Child Active Indoors (Ages 0-2 and 3-5)

Daily physical activity helps children stay healthy and happy, but outdoor activities for kids may not always be possible during the winter months. We have…
Little boy plays with scoop ball on Primrose playground

Developmentally-appropriate Toys to Encourage Physical Activity

Parents often ask me what they can do at home to help their child be more physically active. According to a study out of the…

Fun Fall Activities to Help Your Child Learn Spatial Concepts

Corn mazes and hide-and-seek games can help develop your child's brain and body.
Little boy playing football in a park

Teach Your Child to Throw in 7 Steps

It is almost impossible to take young children for a walk in the woods or along the beach without them picking up a stick, rock…
A little toddler boy tries to balance himself by putting his hands and feet on the ground

3 Balance Games for Kids

Balance is one of the most important basic skills children can develop, but as most things in life, getting better takes time and practice. Having…
Happy little girl looking out from swimming pool

What Parents Should Know About Pool Safety

In recent years, infant and toddler swim programs have become popular, leaving many parents wondering when it is appropriate for a child to start taking…
A little girl throws up a ball in the air in a playroom

Understanding the Balance of Nutrition and Exercise

Maintaining healthy habits is an important life skill to model for children. This is especially true when it comes to exercise and eating. Learning the…
A nervous but excited little boy riding a bike

10 Surprising Facts to Inspire Physical Activity

It’s no surprise that making time for daily physical activity and adhering to a balanced diet are essential to leading a healthy lifestyle. Most parents…
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