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Dr. Gloria Julius serves as vice president of education and professional development for Primrose Schools and has more than 35 years of education experience. She has a genuine passion for leading teams of teachers, staff, parents and students to help create high-quality educational experiences. Gloria enjoys sharing her thoughts and advice as a mother and grandmother and helping parents navigate the challenges of building the right foundation for their little ones!

Making Mother’s Day Wishes Come True

Mother’s Day has always been special because I’m able to spend the day with the people who matter most to me. When my children were young, we lived near Washington, D.C. One of my favorite family outings was walking up and down the National Mall on Mother’s Day, popping in and out of museums and stopping for an ice cream snack from the street vendor. Nothing was more special than taking time out from our busy schedules to focus on…

Develop Language Skills Through Story Reading

March is National Reading Month, and what better way to celebrate than by diving into a book? As you read, encourage your child to participate. At age 3, your little one can begin interacting with the story by helping to turn pages, naming objects or completing sentences and rhymes in favorite books. This kind of participation in story reading enhances memory, develops listening skills and promotes personal expression. It also fosters language development and creativity, because children understand they have…
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