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Dr. Gloria Julius serves as vice president of education and professional development for Primrose Schools and has more than 35 years of education experience. She has a genuine passion for leading teams of teachers, staff, parents and students to help create high-quality educational experiences. Gloria enjoys sharing her thoughts and advice as a mother and grandmother and helping parents navigate the challenges of building the right foundation for their little ones!

Young boy playing with splash toy

5 Ways to Keep Children Learning Over the Summer

It’s no secret that children love summer vacation. No matter their age, there’s something about the warm weather and change in routine that makes summertime…
A Primrose teacher interacting with her students in a classroom

Understanding the “Why”: How Research Is Improving Early Childhood Education

This article was originally published in the May 2016 issue of "The Source" from AdvancED. It is reprinted with permission from Advance Education, Inc. Copyright © 2016 AdvancED® All Rights…
A Primrose student enjoying play time in the classroom

3 Steps for Easing Children through Daily Classroom Transitions

Taking transitions in stride is a valuable life lesson that can be difficult for little ones to grasp. In a previous blog post, early childhood…
Father and young daughter play musical instruments together at home

Learning Through Play: 3 Activities to Try at Home

There are few relationships in the world more natural than the relationship between children and play, and playtime provides much more than simple entertainment. Creative…
A boy looks curiously at a little sapling through a magnifying glass

Spring into Science

As winter fades to spring, young children have new opportunities to channel their inner explorer by playing outside and interacting with nature. Spring is a…
A little girl practices dialing a number in case of an emergency

Safety First! How Primrose Teaches Emergency Preparedness

At Primrose, we believe that what children learn in the classroom should prepare them for success both in school and in life. That’s why, in…
teacher with mask and toddler color matching

A Peek Inside Primrose Classrooms

Balanced Learning® approach – Primrose Schools’ research-informed approach to early education developed by early learning experts. Balanced Learning is the blueprint that guides Primrose teachers and…
Building a Balanced Foundation for Children

Building a Balanced Foundation for Children

One of the best things about being the parent of a young child is rediscovering the magic in ordinary, everyday experiences. The same blade of…

The Importance of Early Education in the First Five Years

Did you know the brain develops faster in the first five years of life than at any other point? Studies have shown that the human brain is…
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