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Brad Miller majored in English and religious studies at the University of Richmond, where he developed a penchant for books, ideas and a love of learning. He leads online account management initiatives in the e-commerce division of a Fortune 100 company. When he's not otherwise occupied being a Primrose dad to Bennett and Campbell, he enjoys going to concerts with his wife Kim, visiting out-of-the-way barbecue joints, investigating the best deals online and obsessing over Tennessee football.

Dad helping daughter get settled in big kid bed by reading a story

4 Tips for Transitioning to a Big Kid Bed

The bedtime routine in our house is sacred. We have dinner and then my wife takes our youngest, Campbell, upstairs for her bath. Campbell needs at least 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep, which means she needs to be in her crib by 6:30 p.m. Once Campbell is down, I take Bennett for his bath, read him a book, fetch his usual nightcap of warm water and then it’s lights out by 7:30 p.m.
Smiling father carries his young child on his shoulders

5 Funny Tweets that Sum Up Being a Dad

Parents love to talk shop. How often do dinner parties with friends become like support meetings for people who’ve admitted they are powerless in the…
Little girl kisses her newborn sibling as their mother looks on

Finding Your Balance with a Second Child

It's true: two children are harder than one. Our second child, Campbell, is only 2 months old, but our family dynamic has already changed. We’re…
A dad smiles lovingly at his newborn infant

Becoming a Dad for the Second Time

Many people say the happiest day of their life was the day they became a parent. While I still have some living to do, I…
A little boy kisses his newborn baby brother

5 Ways to Help Your Little One Become a “Big” Sibling

Parents are often overcome with joy and pride after bringing a new baby home. However, it is important to be aware of how other family…
Mothers and their children enjoying a playdate

5 Tips to Help Parents Make the Most of Playdates

Playdates as we know them are a relatively new phenomenon. Years ago, everything was informal; you rang the doorbell and asked if your friend could…
Little boy helps his grandfather assemble a crib

How Being Present With Your Child is the Greatest Gift

I'll admit it, I was that guy. The one who judged parents whose children sat around, glued to a tablet, smartphone or portable DVD player.…
A toddler smiles happily as he removes toys from his little chest to play with them

Teaching Gratitude to Toddlers

I can tell my almost 3-year-old son, Bennett, has been working on manners recently in his Primrose classroom. Lately, his tantrums have evolved from lots…

Learning from the Terrible Twos

The “terrible twos”: it’s a phrase that fills most parents with dread. This stage marks a parent’s first taste of what it’s going to be like from now on, now that our size and superior wit can only get us so far with our children. My son Bennett has had some monumental meltdowns as a 2-year-old which left me feeling helpless. You hate to watch your child get red-faced and see his cheeks streaked with tears, and you hate feeling like…
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