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Ann Dunaway Teh is a registered and licensed dietitian. She is the founder and president of Dunaway Dietetics Inc., a nutrition consulting business, and has more than 15 years of experience managing and consulting with school programs, athletes, individuals, restaurants and hospitals. Ann is the mother of two precocious children who keep her on her toes and inspire her to create kid-friendly recipes on My Menu Pal, a healthy meal planning resource designed to help families eat better together.

Young girl eating healthy vegetables at the dinner table

Healthy, Store-Bought Snacks for Kids

  Many of us would love to be able to make all of our food from scratch, but unfortunately, that just isn’t a reality most…
A young boy holds up a drawing of a hand-shaped turkey with happy thanksgiving written around it

5 Ways to Involve Children in Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather together around the table, share a meal and reflect on the blessings in their lives. Children are…
Lentil and white bean chilli in a crockpot

7 Must-Try Slow Cooker Recipes for Fall

As the weather begins to cool off, many of us crave heartier dishes and more comforting foods. It’s a great time of year to dust…
Basket of peanut cookies

Understanding Your Child’s Nut Allergies

Peanuts and tree nuts may be small, but they can sure cause big problems for people who are allergic to them! While some of the…
Chicken and broccoli stir fry and banana coconut pancakes

6 Dairy-Free Recipes Your Family Will Love

Dairy foods are an important part of nutrition for kids since they’re a great source of calcium, vitamin D, protein and other vitamins and minerals,…
Herb and garlic roasted pork tenderloin and loaded sweet potato nachos

Is Gluten-Free Right for Your Family?

Gluten is a hot nutrition topic these days, and there’s a lot of conflicting advice and opinions about it. So, what is gluten exactly? It’s…
A young happily eats strawberries

Taking the Fear Out of Food Allergies

Dealing with food allergies can often be scary for parents. Since there’s a great deal of misinformation out there, arming yourself with knowledge on what…
Little girl holds a sieve as her mother pours flour through it

3 Food Science Experiments for Summer

One of the things I love most about cooking is the opportunity it provides for learning—for both myself and my children. There are so many…
A picky young girl looks away from her bowl of fruit

4 Tips to Feed Your Toddler the Right Amount

Toddlerhood is one of the most fun child development stages, as parents watch their children become more mobile, talkative and assertive with their desires. Of…
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