Are You Encouraging Teamwork at Home? Try These 3 Tips

Are You Encouraging Teamwork at Home? Try These 3 Tips

Teamwork is a valuable skill for children and adults alike. In fact, two-thirds of HR managers agree that that hiring entry-level employees that have teamwork and other executive function skills is a priority for their company’s long-term success.

With that in mind, there are easy steps you can take to foster teamwork at home and ensure your child’s future success. Here are three simple activities:

  • Games: Play games with your child that encourage teamwork. Take turns stacking blocks to see how high you can make a tower, or put a puzzle together.  
  • Playdates: When children interact together, teamwork naturally comes into play. As they use their imaginations in group settings, they must then work together to keep scenarios going. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan engaging and safe playdates.
  • Chores: When there are chores to be done, get everyone involved and show children how great it feels to work together. Here are some tips for choosing age-appropriate chores for your child.

Check out the full list of executive function skills and find easy ways to help prepare your child to succeed in the future.

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