Ken Wilson-Max on How Books Can Encourage Children to Dream

The “Astro Girl” creator talks about representation and his creative process.

4 Ways to Raise a Good Friend

Educators and families can help raise the next generation of fantastic friends. Here’s how we do it at Primrose, and how families can continue the lessons at home.

During an Unprecedented Pandemic, Did I Make the Right Choice for My Children?

I’m a worrier. In fact, I worry so much that I start to feel anxious when I don’t have something to worry about. So, when COVID-19…

A Child Development Approach That Takes the Pressure Off Families

Primrose schools work hand-in-hand with families to nurture all aspects of each child's development.

5 Lies Parents Tell Children — and How to Be More Honest

Liz Ergle has one major rule for her kids: In this family, we tell the truth. She wants her children to develop honesty, both as…

Teaching Our Children About Bad Words

I was the odds-on favorite to be responsible for the first bad word to come out of my sweet daughter Avery’s 4 1/2-year-old mouth.  Not…

Keep Kids Active Indoors with These DIY Games

Finding new ways to keep children entertained indoors — especially during the winter months — can be challenging.  The following activity suggestions will not only…

How Children Show Kindness at a Young Age

At Primrose®, we know developing character matters to parents. That’s why we nurture traits like kindness, generosity and compassion.     While it may seem like children…

3 Tips to Help Your Child Learn to Share

Sharing is tough for young children, who are naturally focused on their own needs and feelings. Parents and educators can help little ones practice.
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