Helping Preschoolers with Major Life Change

Change is difficult for all of us. When major changes happen in a young child’s life – a house move, school change or parents’ divorce – it is important to consider the developmental state of your preschooler and be prepared to help her through the transition. Here are some tips: Prepare your preschooler but don’t over-explain! Provide your child just enough information to give him a heads-up that his life is about to change and create a time and place where…

The Need for a Balanced Approach

Summer is the season of family road trips and dancing through sprinklers, but as a working mother, it’s also the time when I started worrying about where my young children should be in school come fall. After I had my first child, I looked everywhere for a place where my children could grow and learn in a safe, engaging environment, but I felt that every option I tried was only the best of the worst. At that time, the term…

Learning to Share and Cooperate Leads to Friendship

Teaching children to work and play with others is a process, but these simple tips for parents are a great start.
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