Dad prepares to travel with his baby in the car

8 Tips for Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

As many of us make travel plans for the holidays, I've compiled a few of the tips and tricks I've learned to help make trips with young children a little easier. I've also included some advice for air travel from my good friend and fellow Primrose mom, Leslie. She and her husband are raising two little frequent flyers, so she's a pro!
Mother and father reading to young son

4 Reasons Why Reading to Babies is Beneficial

Although your baby may not understand every word you say or follow the storyline of each book you share, it’s never too early to start…
Mother comforts and soothes her crying baby

What To Do When Your Child Has Colic

For expectant parents, simply hearing the word “colic” is enough to invoke feelings of fear. Caring for a baby with colic often (and understandably) causes…
A dad smiles lovingly at his newborn infant

Becoming a Dad for the Second Time

Many people say the happiest day of their life was the day they became a parent. While I still have some living to do, I…
Young girl enjoys water color painting in the kitchen

Recipe for Making the Kitchen Baby-Friendly

Before becoming a mom, my happy place was my kitchen. I eagerly awaited the delivery of Southern Living each month so I could dig into…
Three young children playing with animal toys on their playdate

When Should My Child Start Having Play Dates?

It’s no secret, babies and toddlers enjoy interacting and spending time with one another. Scheduling baby play dates with other little ones is a great…
Emotional mother looks lovingly at her newborn baby

Bringing Baby Home: Adjusting to the Newness of Being a Parent

You and your spouse have made it through pregnancy, labor and delivery, or maybe you recently adopted a baby. You’ve finally brought your bundle of…
A little learning to walk by holding the couch and his fathers hand

4 Exercises to Help Your Baby Walk

Seeing your child take his first steps is one of the most exciting early milestones. Children go through several developmental stages before learning to walk,…
Smiling baby boy lies on his stomach at home

Tummy Time: When Should I Start?

One of the most common questions parents have about newborns and infants relates to tummy time and just how much of it babies should get.…
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