Age-Appropriate Safety Lessons for Preschoolers

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Age-Appropriate Safety Lessons for Preschoolers

National Fire Prevention Week in October and recent floods and wildfires in the news reminds me now more than ever just how important it is to teach our children to be prepared for emergency situations. As a mother and grandmother, I know firsthand that talking to our children about disasters and safety lessons for preschoolers can be intimidating, but we must prepare our children as best we can for life – emergency situations included.

Children are capable of learning safety basics at a young age and it’s important to their well-being, so it makes sense to teach safety lessons for preschoolers. At Primrose, we integrate essential safety skills into our curriculum alongside skills in subjects like math, science and literacy. We value children’s safety as highly as parents do, and we know that while learning how to dial 9-1-1 or what a firefighter looks like may seem simple, these skills can make all the difference if a child is faced with an emergency.

Activities and Lessons for student

Starting in our toddler classrooms, children at Primrose learn about safety and emergency preparedness through fun, age-appropriate activities and lessons, including:

Classroom training about safety lessons

  • Using play phones to learn to dial 9-1-1
  • Singing songs and reading books about firemen, police officers, nurses and other community helpers to learn that these adults can be trusted to help in emergency situations
  • Practicing how to stop, look and listen when outside near roads
  • Memorizing the three most important pieces of information to know in an emergency – their names, addresses and phone numbers
  • Learning how to stay low and crawl to a door when smoke appears

While the Primrose safety lessons for preschoolers touches on these and many other important emergency preparedness skills, there are many more lessons to learn. Consider using the following resources to better prepare your children – in fun ways – for the unexpected:

Through these age-appropriate and fun learning games and activities, you can better prepare your preschooler for the unexpected. For more parenting resources related to emergency preparedness, explore these safety-related posts.

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