Three diamonds made from paper with yarn threaded through it

A Threading Craft to Help Develop Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

As a busy parent, it can be challenging to find fun activities for kids which also benefit them developmentally. This simple threading craft hones in on those small finger muscles that your child will need when he learns to write. Happy threading!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Cut a large diamond shape out of cardboard or a heavy paper plate.

diamond shaped cut out of cardboard

2. Use a hole punch to add holes around the edges of the diamond cut out.

diamond shaped cut out of cardboard with holes

3. Have your child thread ribbon* or pipe cleaners** through the punched holes.

diamond shaped cut out of cardboard with tread in holes

4. Have your child decorate the diamond.

diamond shaped cut out of cardboard with tread in holes decorated

5. Encourage your child to show off her beautifully decorated diamond craft!

While any shape can make a nice canvas for this craft, we like the diamond for its straight lines and corners. It also happens to be the February Shape of the Month in our classrooms. Pipe cleaners make for easy gripping and hold their shape nicely as your child works with them.

You and your child will discover that these types of easy crafts also have educational value. Threading reinforces the spatial concepts of “over” and “under” and increases concentration skills by requiring your child to hold his attention on the task at hand. Add those benefits to the development of your child’s small hand muscles and this project really shines!

*Ribbon should be 6” or less to avoid choking hazard.
**Adult supervision is recommended when cutting and/or using pipe cleaners.

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