A Primrose Homecoming – Military Mom Surprises Her Son

Young kid holds a pair of American flags.

A Primrose Homecoming – Military Mom Surprises Her Son

We love to celebrate big moments and milestones at Primrose and family reunions are no exception. One Primrose school pulled off the ultimate surprise celebration – a sweet homecoming after one Primrose mom’s long deployment!

The start of school this year packed a little more excitement than the regular first day jitters for 4-year-old Bryce P. at Primrose School of Palm Valley. When he returned for the new school year in August, Bryce had no idea what surprise the first day held.   Military mom poses with son and husband after surprising son at Primrose.

Before the school year started, Franchise Owner Karen Verlardi had been in touch with Bryce’s mom, Master Sergeant Shania P., who would be returning from a seven-month deployment just in time for back to school.

“During the summer, we corresponded with Shania through email,” Karen said. “When she came to the school on the first day to surprise Bryce, we were prepared. We decorated the hallway and classroom, and even had some of the children make signs ahead of time.” 

Bryce has been a student at Primrose School of Palm Valley since July 2015, and his teachers and the school’s staff helped plan this big surprise. When Master Sergeant Shania arrived at the school, she used the intercom in the front to address the students. She said: “Attention Pre-K One. I have a special announcement for a little boy that I flew so many miles to see to tell him how much I love him.”

After the announcement, she walked into Bryce’s classroom, tapped him on the shoulder and got the best welcome home gift: a big smile and hug from her youngest son. (Grab your tissues and watch the surprise!)

“They’re such a wonderful family, and Shania gives so much of herself for our county. It was such a proud moment for us to take part in it and witness their reconciliation and their initial embrace,” Karen said.

 After surprising Bryce, Porter surprised her older son at a nearby elementary school.

 “Moments like this make what we do so special. We have to remember to embrace all of our families and their backgrounds,” said Karen. “When it comes to our children, it’s so important to celebrate everyone’s diversity and make sure we keep that connection with parents no matter where they are in the world.”

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