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A Peek at What’s Happening in Early Education

Between time with my family, work and a never-ending list of to-dos, it seems every week just flies by. That’s why I cherish that I am an early riser who sets aside quiet time for reading every morning. Along with my coffee, I always look forward to learning from recent articles related to early education. Following are two that really inspired a reaction from me.

This article reinforces the importance of an early skill we’ve long emphasized at Primrose: character development. Business leaders are increasingly concerned that America’s graduates are not learning the essential skills they need to build positive relationships and lead successful teams in the workplace. I am thrilled to see that there are emerging programs to address this issue in our public schools. Although there is a short-term cost, there is long-term reward as research shows that investment in programs that nurture character and life skills actually cost less per child than juvenile detention or rehab programs later on. Read the article and I know you’ll enjoy learning how Twiggle the Turtle is helping children to develop their Emotional Intelligence.

When I first read the headline to this story, I was prepared to feel overwhelming frustration about yet another attempt to rush young children to concepts before they are developmentally ready. But the article gives us food for thought about the importance of sequential, early educational building blocks that ultimately help lead to two end goals for every child: a joy for learning (that can inspire the desire for college) and a successful life. The philosophies and consistency of the Primrose Balanced Learning®curriculum helps our students build a strong foundation for their education in elementary school and beyond. Yet, for some students, college doesn’t seem like an option because of the financial cost or family circumstances. This article inspired me to think about creative ways to spark an early love for learning in all children, especially as we think about our partnerships with organizations like Save the Children and Reach Out and Read. 

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