A Best Practices Approach to Education Delivery

A Best Practices Approach to Education Delivery

Hello! My name is Jo Kirchner and I am pleased to join the conversation on Pointers for Parents with my very first blog post. My first and most important roles are mom and grandmother.  I have two preschool children, Carson and Chloe, who attend a Primrose School.  I am also honored to be the CEO of Primrose Schools. I join thousands of Primrose Support Staff and Franchise Owners, Management team members and most importantly, teachers who are dedicated to providing Primrose students with a premiere early learning experience and foundation for success in school and life.   I am also deeply passionate about improving access to high-quality early childhood education for all children in America.

Each of us has been touched both personally and professionally by the educational challenges facing our country. Though individual educators and school systems continue to shine, our country as a whole has fallen behind other industrialized nations. The quality of the education we provide the children in our country will influence the future quality of life for all citizens, including your children and my own two grandchildren.

The good news is there are solutions. I recently wrote an article  for the Atlanta Business Chronicle, my local business community publication, about how we as a country can apply proven, strategic business practices to ensure the right people, plans and processes are in place for dramatic transformation of America’s education delivery system.

Successful companies with multiple locations and national operations maintain consistent practices that undergo continuous improvement processes across the organization. At Primrose Schools, we have applied this philosophy to create a proven delivery model for early childhood education across our more than 265 schools in 17 states. Because our teachers are provided an engaging, research-based, customizable curriculum with all the necessary equipment and resources, they can focus their time on giving the children in their classroom unparalleled personal attention, care, teaching and learning experiences.

We know our educational delivery approach works – Primrose students perform above average on standardized measures of basic concepts and school readiness. Elementary school teachers who receive Primrose students consistently report that Primrose children are able to focus, exhibit self-control, think critically, show empathy and demonstrate a desire to help others.

I hope you’ll read my full thoughts in the linked Atlanta Business Chronicle article. I hope this will encourage a dialogue about how parents and business and community leaders can come together with collective determination to direct the future course of education in our country. Together, we can push a new paradigm in education forward. Our children’s future and their quality of life depends on it.

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