A Craft to Celebrate Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month

Every year from September 15 to October 15, Primrose celebrates Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month. It’s a time to recognize and honor the diverse…

Teach Children Respect with DIY Bingo

When a child learns to treat others with respect at a young age, they are more likely to build strong relationships and act with kindness…
Parent helping children with arts and craft activity

“I Am Unique” Flower Craftivity

When a child knows that they belong, they can thrive. That’s why at Primrose Schools we celebrate similarities and differences and nurture character traits like…
teacher helping student with writing skills and holding their writing utensil

How Primrose Schools Uses Universal Design to Make Learning More Accessible

With UDL Primrose teachers can better meet the individual needs of each child by providing various open-ended activities and different ways of presenting information.
teacher helping student with puppet

Fostering Belongingness Through Music

Music helps children express themselves, learn about patterns, grow courage, practice listening, improve language, try new things and so much more.
mother and daughter making food together in the kitchen

4 Fun and Healthy Ways to Engage Your Child in the Kitchen

Inviting your child to give you a helping hand in the kitchen is a fun and unique way to teach them responsibility. As you prepare a meal, give your child an age-appropriate task to complete so they can learn about acting independently. Try these Snacktivities to help your child get comfortable in the kitchen.
practicing mindfulness through meditation

3 Easy Ways for Parents to Practice Mindfulness and Self-Care

There’s nothing quite like being a parent. You experience so many incredible moments with your child: from first steps and first words to first days…
Father and daughter playing with blocks

5 Parenting Tips Every Father Should Know

High-quality adult-child interactions in early childhood can have a lifelong impact on health, mental wellness, academics and social skills.
Og the Bookworm and girl reading book

Og’s Book Corner: Celebrating What Makes Us Special with Joanna Ho

At Primrose schools, teachers use our Balanced Learning® approach to help foster a sense of belongingness in every student. One of the goals of belongingness…
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