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A pile of bone shaped dog biscuits, three bowls and a pair of tweezers

Count the Bones to Build Math and Motor Skills

Little ones will “pawsitively” love this activity –it helps develop fine motor skills they will later use to write! Supplies: A pair of large, plastic…
Three diamonds made from paper with yarn threaded through it

A Threading Craft to Help Develop Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

As a busy parent, it can be challenging to find fun activities for kids which also benefit them developmentally. This simple threading craft hones in…
A smiling baby boy crawls outdoors on grass

Developing Motor Skills at Your Child’s Pace

Contrary to popular belief, motor development – how the body and muscles intentionally move – does not naturally occur with age. Just like learning to…
Preschool girls sit on carpet in Primrose classroom, laughing and reading together

Social-Emotional and Intellectual Skills That Can Help Children Excel

A well-rounded early childhood education is about a lot more than learning the alphabet and numbers (of course, we cover that, too).
Pregnant mother sits and reads a book with her toddler son

5 Tips to Strengthen Early Literacy Skills

As a mother of three girls, it has been interesting to watch each of my daughters develop into a reader and writer at her own…

Toddler Talk: Developing Language Skills

“My grandma is the bestest grandma. She swimmed with us in the pool.” Last year in honor of National Grammar Day, we asked our Facebook fans to share some phrases they’ve heard from their children that weren’t so grammatically correct. Some wondered where their children had ever picked up some of the things they had heard them say. They knew their children weren’t repeating anything they had ever said. Learning language is a creative process -- not an imitative one.…
Get Crafty With These Corner Bookmarks

Get Crafty With These Corner Bookmarks

These corner bookmarks allow your little bookworm to be creative while also developing fine motor skills – and they’re perfect for holding your place in a good story!
children playing with blocks

Under Five Gift Guide: What Are the Best Learning Toys?

With all the toy options out there, it can be challenging to know just what to give a young child to encourage learning – and fun!
teacher with cow puppet and child

Partnering with Families to Support Children’s Development

Our teachers use a standardized questionnaire to help families track cognitive, physical and social-emotional development.
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