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How We Teach Math at Primrose

Making the subject fun, thought-provoking and a pillar of the entire day sets our approach apart. Learn more about math’s many roles in the Primrose classroom.
Infant playing with number puzzles

5 Fun Math Games for Toddlers

Want to help your toddler engage in mathematical thinking? Put away the flashcards and worksheets and focus on exploring math during natural interactions with your…

Encouraging Outdoor Math Fun

The world — and your daily errands — provide many opportunities to teach math concepts to even the youngest children.
A young boy solving a math puzzle

Math Everywhere: Increasing Your Child’s Skills at Home

Math is everywhere, and it is important that children make connections with the mathematical concepts they encounter each day. They may see three-dimensional shapes in…
A father teaches his young son how to use the abacus

Why Math Matters at Home

We often hear we should read to our children every day because we know it will help them become better readers as they get older…
A pile of bone shaped dog biscuits, three bowls and a pair of tweezers

Count the Bones to Build Math and Motor Skills

Little ones will “pawsitively” love this activity –it helps develop fine motor skills they will later use to write! Supplies: A pair of large, plastic…
Girl cuddling teddy bear and walking under and umbrella in the rain.

Simple STEM Activity: Rain-Ready Outfit

In Primrose classrooms, teachers use STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to help students gain a better understanding of the world around them while…

Age-Appropriate STEM Activities to Try at Home

Try these classroom-inspired STEAM projects to have fun learning at home in simple, age-appropriate ways.
winter terrarium activity on blue background

STEAM Activity: How to Create an Indoor Greenhouse

With this fun craft, your little gardener can work on their green thumb all winter long.  
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