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Ken Wilson-Max on How Books Can Encourage Children to Dream

The “Astro Girl” creator talks about representation and his creative process.

Some of Our Favorite Books: Birth to Age 5

Looking for a great book for a little one? These are some of the stories we love.

4 Books About Belonging for Children

We love these stories about celebrating the different ways people experience the world.

Teaching Children to Love Reading, and to Share the Joy of Books with Others

At Primrose Schools, we celebrate reading and the way it helps us understand and care for others.

Wonderful Children’s Books to Celebrate Mother’s Day

What's better than snuggling up with Mom and a good book? Try a title from this expert-curated list.
Preschooler Braxton shows off some of the books he's read

Celebrating Read Across America Day: Preschooler Reads 1,000 Books

How many books have you read in your lifetime? 100? 200? Most of us haven’t kept track. But 4-year-old Braxton can answer this question in a snap: he’s read 1,000 books so far.
Father reading a book about natural disasters to his daughter

Using Books to Teach Your Child About Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can be scary topics for young children, but reading together about these events in books is a great (and less-frightening) way to discuss…
A happy mother looks on as her young son reads a story book

10 Transportation Books for Children Who Love Things that Go!

Young children are often fascinated by cars, boats, planes, trains, trucks and anything else that moves! Vehicles are an exciting part of children’s daily lives,…
Father happily reads a story book to his young son

24 Top Children’s Books and Games that Make Great Gifts

If you love finding the perfect holiday gifts for your children, look no further. Below are several recommendations for books and games that are equally…
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