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5 Character Skills to Help Your Child Shoot for the Stars

Did you know children can start demonstrating empathy as young as six months old? Based on recent research, good character can and should be nurtured in…
Children placing canned food in a box that reads FOOD DRIVE

4 Character Traits That Preschoolers Can Learn

In today’s social media-focused world, many parents are constantly worrying about whether their children will grow into kind and selfless people. According to our recent…
Mother kisses her happy toddler as they both lie down in the play room

Survey Says: “Developing Good Character in Children Starts Early”

Earlier this fall, Primrose Schools conducted a national survey with Ipsos which profiled hundreds of parents whose children have attended, currently attend or will attend…
Young girl places final block on the block tower as her friends and teacher look on encouragingly

Parent Resources: Develop Positive Character Traits in Children

It’s never too early to help your child develop good character traits. After all, children begin to show signs of empathy as early as 6…
Happy young girl poses with a lady dressed as Wonderwoman

Primrose Happy Hearts: Developing Character in Young Heroes

Our Primrose Happy Hearts blog series celebrates heart-warming stories of current and former Primrose students exhibiting exceptional kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity. This post comes to…
Mother comforting son in tears

My Kid is Turning into a Bully. How Do I Stop It?

If children develop a foundation of empathy and conflict resolution early, they are more likely to become a kind and considerate friend and not participate in bullying behavior.
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