7 Essential Life Skills that Extend Beyond the Classroom

Parents teaching their daughter important life skills at home

7 Essential Life Skills that Extend Beyond the Classroom

It can be hard to know where to begin when thinking about how to best prepare your child for the years ahead. While developmental milestones are certainly a good point of reference for how a child is progressing, they are not the only factors in determining a child’s future happiness and success as an adult. So, what other skills, milestones and traits should parents, caregivers and teachers nurture during a child’s early years?


Research continues to show that today’s students need more than just a strong academic background to succeed in today’s ever-changing world, especially when it comes to distinguishing themselves in college and in the workforce. For young children, developing 21st-century skills – like problem solving, critical thinking, communication, teamwork and innovation – is just as important as the knowledge obtained through studying more traditional subjects such as math and science. The good news is that preschoolers can lay a strong foundation for these skills at an early age so they are prepared for elementary school and beyond.

In this blog post, learn more about what skills children can develop today to prepare for tomorrow’s success—both in school and in life. A preschool curriculum that includes a balance of traditional academic skills along with social-emotional and 21st century skills provides the right opportunity for children to start developing these skills early on. If you want to learn more about how Primrose does this through our exclusive, time-tested Balanced Learning® Approach, please click

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