6 At-Home Activities to Foster Belongingness

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6 At-Home Activities to Foster Belongingness

We believe who children become is as important as what they know. That’s why fostering a sense of belongingness is at the center of the Primrose Balanced Learning® curriculum. For 40 years, our schools have been nurturing character and social-emotional development alongside skills like reading and math.  

 Every day, Primrose school teachers foster belongingness in classrooms across the country to help children feel valued and included. In turn, those children are better equipped to show kindness and compassion to others, including those who are different from themselves. 

 To help you create these learning experiences at home, here are some fun and easy activities rooted in our Balanced Learning approach. 

At-Home Activities: 

Alike and Different: Look at mirrors, books and pictures with your child as you describe details.  

For infants, show facial features like eyes, noses and hair and point to these features as you say them out loud. For older children, as you explore books, encourage your child to describe the pictures and compare characters’ facial features to their own. 

Understanding Emotions: As you read picture books, help your child notice emotions and describe details in the pictures to build vocabulary and language skills. By identifying emotions in others, your child is more likely to use words to communicate their own emotional wants and needs.  

Celebrating Colors: In the Primrose Early Art Masters® art program, children notice similarities and differences in colors as they learn about famous artists and illustrators. Try exploring colors at home by helping your child notice colors in their clothing and in materials around them throughout the day.   

Music and Emotions: Listen to the Primrose Schools Harmony & Heart® music and encourage your child to talk about how the music makes them feel. Are they joyful, sad or tired? They may want to draw or color while listening to the music to show their emotions. 

Storytime: As you read a book together, talk about the characters of the story, how they solve their problems, and how it relates to your life.  

Giving Without Expectation: Look for community service opportunities your family can participate in together like beach or local park clean-up days, delivering meals to the elderly, and more. The list is endless!  

For more on the Primrose approach to character development and belongingness, check out: 

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