5 Ways to Play and Learn with Drums

DIY recycled drums made from snack tins

5 Ways to Play and Learn with Drums

It’s no secret that playing drums is fun – especially for little ones! Children love making sounds and hitting all kinds of things as they explore how sounds can be different.  

Here are some tips for you and your child to have fun with drums at home:

  • Use common household items as drums. Find a cereal box, empty milk container or food storage container, and use a small stick, spoon or similar item as a drumstick for each item. Ask your child questions about how the different items create different sounds, and see which one she prefers and why.
  • Incorporate music. Sing a song or play a favorite recording while you and your child are drumming on the different items.
  • Have a scavenger hunt for different types of “drums.” Ask your child to search your home for another item that creates a different sounding drum – cans, buckets, plastic toys… the possibilities are endless! However, make sure to set some boundaries and be very clear about what is safe to use and what is not.
  • Look for other instruments. Once you’ve experimented with the different drums in your home, try using a container of rice or dried pasta as a shaker. Then, look for other unique household items that can also be considered instruments.  
  • Decorate a favorite instrument. After your child has selected a favorite household drum or instrument, have him use markers, colored paper, glue and other craft supplies to personalize her new instrument.

What I love about these music activities for kids is that a 3-year-old can use her ear in the same way an adult – or even a professional musician – does. As your preschooler participates in these fun musical adventures, encourage him to make choices based on sound to empower him to start thinking and listening like a musician.

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