5 Ways to Celebrate July Fourth at Home and at Primrose

Father and son with American flags

5 Ways to Celebrate July Fourth at Home and at Primrose

The Fourth of July is the perfect holiday to teach young children about our country and patriotism. Here are five fun ways students and teachers at Primrose schools around the country celebrate America’s birthday in the classroom that you can also try at home!

Patriotic Parade

Students at Primrose School of Bloomingdale get to show off their red, white and blue outfits and festive handmade headbands, hats and paper “sparklers” in a patriotic parade around school. Bring this idea home by organizing a patriotic parade, playdate or picnic with family, friends and neighbors.


Pledge of Allegiance

Independence Day is a perfect time to learn the Pledge of Allegiance just like students at Primrose School at Golf Village. Whether your child is learning it for the first time or has been practicing at school, walk through each line and have her repeat it back to you. This helps children practice their memorization skills.


Letters to the Military

Many schools use the Fourth of July as an opportunity to show appreciation for the military. Making patriotic cards and writing letters, like these from Primrose School at Gray Eagle, to thank men and women for their service is a great family activity and character-building exercise.


Hallway of Heroes

 To celebrate our country’s heroes, students at Primrose School of Lewis Center decorate their hallways with photos of family members and friends of students, teachers and staff who are currently serving in the armed forces. Share stories and photos of family or friends who served or are serving in the military with your little one.



Red, White and Blue Jewelry

Take a break from the summer sun and tap into your child’s artistic side to make patriotic jewelry like the students at Primrose School of Lutz. Let your child decorate a strip of paper with markers, crayons, rhinestones, etc. and fasten it around his or her wrist. Or, use red, white and blue beads and string to make a patriotic friendship bracelet. Keep all materials age-appropriate to avoid choking and safety hazards.

Craving more red, white and blue? Check out this list of Fourth of July tips and activities for children of all ages!

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