5 Important Lessons for Our Pre-K Graduates

Two smiling Primrose students wearing graduation gowns and holding a diploma

5 Important Lessons for Our Pre-K Graduates

Each year, graduation time always brings me joy as I think about the children who are leaving Primrose and headed to a new learning journey at their elementary schools. I wish I could personally hug each one and share my confidence in their future knowing the priceless love of learning and the many important skills they have mastered at Primrose will serve them well for a lifetime. We believe a quality early learning experience is one of the greatest gifts parents can provide for their young children.

Primrose graduation

Here is what I wish I could share with the children if it was possible to be in all schools at once:

Girls and boys, we will miss you! We are so proud of you! We are thrilled we had the opportunity to know you, to care for you, to teach you and to partner with your parents to help you grow active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts.

Here are a few important lessons we hope remain with you forever:

Be Good. Always remember who you are is as important as what you know. Always try hard to tell truth and be a good person, a good member of your family, a good friend, a good student and a good citizen.

Be KindBe very nice to your family, your friends and everyone you meet. Show kindness whenever you can and assist others when they need your help.

Be Curious. Have fun, play, laugh and explore the world around you. You’ll be learning and experiencing new things your whole life – enjoy every second of it!

Be Creative. Make sure you skip, run and jump and that you sing, dance, paint or draw every day. Let your imagination grow as much as possible. These skills will help you grow confident and strong.

Be Yourself. Be proud of the wonderful, incredible, gifted little person you are. Love yourself, whether you are tall or short, have curly hair or straight hair….whether you like math best or you’d rather spend your time reading or painting and drawing. You are the only you in this entire world and you are very, very special.

We hope you never let go of these important life lessons and the character development that were so much a part of your early learning experience here at Primrose.

We congratulate you, Primrose graduates. As Dr. Seuss said in his famous book, “Oh, the places you’ll go!” Like your parents, we are so excited about the magnificent person you’ll be and all the wonderful things you’ll do. With great joy, we wish you and your family the very best!

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