5 Important Holiday Safety Tips

Mother ensuring her daughter's gloves and coat are snug

5 Important Holiday Safety Tips

The holiday season is upon us and is likely to be filled with festive events, tasty holiday treats and special time with friends and family. This time of year can sometimes seem overwhelming, but don’t let the chaos distract you from keeping your family safe. Follow these tips to help your family have a fun and safe holiday season:

Sibling toddlers playing on snow

  • Keep Warm. When playing outside, dress your children in layers and limit their time in cold weather or snow, ensuring they take breaks and stay hydrated. When inside, it may be tempting to crank up the heat in your home, so be sure to install or test your carbon monoxide detector and replace the batteries if needed.
  • Use Caution Around Fires. More home fires happen during the holiday season than any other time of the year. That’s because we tend to use our fireplaces and light candles to get into the holiday spirit. The holidays are a great time to teach children that fire is a tool, not a toy, and review basic fire safety with them. Ensure all flames are extinguished before going to bed and test your smoke alarms each month.
  • Stay Safe When Shopping. If you venture out to the malls with your children, ensure your little ones don’t get lost among the holiday crowds. Make ID bracelets or ICE Cards for them to wear and advise them to stay close to you. It’s also a good time to remind them of the dangers of engaging with strangers.
  • Travel Safely. Before making travel plans, check to be sure your car maintenance is up-to-date. You should also put an emergency supplies kit in the trunk containing items such as flashlights, flares, blankets and coats, food and water, first aid supplies and medications, a portable phone charger, maps and cash.
  • Make the Most of Family Time. While enjoying quality time with your children, take a few minutes to talk to them about your family emergency plan. Teach them the names and phone numbers of their emergency contacts, establish meet-up locations (i.e., across the street or at the stop sign) and determine where you could take shelter in your home (basement, closet or bathroom).

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