5 Character Skills to Help Your Child Shoot for the Stars

5 Character Skills to Help Your Child Shoot for the Stars

Did you know children can start demonstrating empathy as young as six months old? Research shows that good character can and should be nurtured in children from birth. Skills like cooperation, honesty and generosity may sound like tough concepts for little ones to grasp, but you can actually help your child build these skills in fun and easy ways. 

  • Honesty – Telling the truth and doing what’s right. Give positive feedback for telling the truth – it will encourage your child to continue being honest and make it clear that it’s always safe to tell you the truth. 
  • Compassion – Caring as much for others as we do for ourselves. Volunteer with your child so they can experience firsthand how good it feels to help others. 
  • Creativity – Imagining new ideas and possibilities. Find time for free play – whether they’re telling stories, building structures, interacting with music or creating art, play-based learning will help nurture your child’s creativity. 
  • Generosity – Giving without expecting anything in return. Remind your child why helping others matters – for example, “The dog looks hungry. I bet he’d really appreciate it if you gave him his food and water!” 
  • Cooperation – Working together to get things done. Complete household chores as a family and point out how fun it is to work together to accomplish a goal.

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