4 Ways Summer Adventure Club Is Great for Children and Parents

4 Ways Summer Adventure Club Is Great for Children and Parents

The end of the school year can leave parents wondering what to do with the hours of extra downtime their school-age children will have each day during the summer months. And then there is the additional concern of summer learning loss, when children can forget up to 39 percent of their learnings from the previous school year.

And while children get time away from school, there’s no such thing as summer break for busy parents. Whether you are working from home, coordinating child care from the office or managing a full house as a stay-at-home parent, you know how much of a challenge this season can be.

With Primrose Schools® Summer Adventure Club, however, there is one less thing to worry about.

Summer Adventure Club fosters your children’s natural curiosity and love of exploring, discovering and creating, all in a joyous environment where you can rest assured that they are safe. Primrose works with education experts and uses current research to incorporate design thinking and STEAM-based learning (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) into each day for elementary-age children’s summer experiences.

Sending your children to Summer Adventure Club has a double dose of benefits — for them and for you!

Children get: fun, purposeful play
Parents get: less time navigating complex schedules

Summer break can be chaotic. You want to make sure your children are getting social time, exercise and learning opportunities. For parents, this can feel a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle: determining which child goes where, for how long, and how they’ll get there. And shuttling them to different activities during the week — to soccer practice, play dates and STEAM club — for a well-rounded experience can be exhausting. 

Instead, Summer Adventure Club is one place that ticks all of the boxes. Children engage in creative activities and make new friends, and you get a respite from managing an ultra-busy schedule.

Children get: opportunities to be curious and creative
Parents get: peace of mind

When you leave your children with a relative or a babysitter, you can’t be sure whether they are doing age-appropriate activities. And if they are home with you while you are working, you face an even bigger challenge: How do you ensure they are getting enough physical activity, learning opportunities and the one-on-one attention they crave while you get your work done?

At Summer Adventure Club, kids have fun in a developmentally appropriate way — engineering challenges, scientific experiments and themed activities designed to empower their fullest potential. Plus, receive nurturing guidance from trained leaders who encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion in a safe environment.

Children get: time out of the house
Parents get: a structured, consistent break

The last two years have seen a major disruption in all of our lives, including our children’s. Whether they’ve been attending class via video or staying home from canceled activities, your kids are probably eager to get out of the house, explore and socialize. And if you’ve been a mix of parent, teacher, entertainer, family chef, house cleaner and bread winner, it’s safe to say you could use a break from the chaos.

When your children spend their day at a summer camp such as Summer Adventure Club, they’ll be in a fun learning environment that lasts all day. And for a busy parent like you, knowing that you will have some quiet time back to yourself — whether it’s spent catching up on emails, getting some work done or recovering from a busy morning — is a gift.

Children get: memories and skills for a lifetime
Parents get: satisfaction of helping them grow

If you send your children to a summer camp, such as Summer Adventure Club, they will come home each day with stories to share and new skills to show off. You will probably also see their confidence blossom as they make new friends and conquer exciting challenges. As a parent, you know how wonderful it feels to nurture your child’s mind and body.

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