4 Things to Do with Your Child’s Artwork

Little girl hangs her art up on a wall as part of her art gallery at home.

4 Things to Do with Your Child’s Artwork

It’s difficult to know what to do with your kid’s crafts and countless pieces of art. My son Hollis just finished Kindergarten and I saved everything he made in an airtight plastic container. There’s got to be a better home for it all than in a storage bin, right? Most of us save our children’s artwork so that we can share the memories with them once they’re older, but we can do many amazing things with their artwork while they’re still young. Here are four easy ideas:

Digitize the Art

Choose several of your favorite pieces of artwork and scan them into your computer. You can add the artwork to your screen saver slideshow, share with your extended family, or send to a company that specializes in personalized items. You can create coffee mugs, totes or t-shirts with your child’s artwork printed on them. These also make great gifts for close family members!

Decorate for the Holidays

Consider using your children’s artwork to decorate your home during the holidays. Cut pieces of your child’s art and work together to create several ornaments out of it, or use artwork to wrap small gifts for loved ones.

Hang Your Own Art GalleryInstructions on how to make your own gallery to display your kid's artwork.

Make your own art gallery at home in three quick steps:

  1. Purchase a few frames that vary in size and color and swap the glass with sheets of cork, or buy a variety of small cork boards that are ready to hang.
  2. Hang the frames a little lower than your eye level so your child can enjoy their art. (For young children, make sure push pins are out of reach.)
  3. Ask your child to choose which artwork to showcase and work together to hang new pieces each month.

Make the World A Better Place

Sit down with your child and choose a few pieces of artwork to share with others. Write a nice message on the back of a painting or turn a drawing into a card. Choose a community center, children’s hospital, senior center or a local fire or police department and share a few encouraging notes – your child will also learn about kindness along the way!  


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