4 Fun Preschool Graduation Ideas

4 Fun Preschool Graduation Ideas

You remember dropping your little one off for their first day of school or child care. Since then, you’ve watched them grow and flourish through classroom transitions and milestones, and now your child is graduating from preschool! Here are a few ways to celebrate the big day.

1. Make a Keepsake.

A simple craft is a fun and hands-on way to celebrate your child’s graduation! Plus, it’s a sentimental token that you can look back on for years. Print a fun certificate and use these props in photos to commemorate graduation. >Read more

2. Eat Breakfast Together.

Kick off the festivities with the most important meal of the day! Working together to make a tasty morning treat is a great way to prepare for a full day of celebrating your new grad. >Read more

3. Create a Sweet “Thank You.”

Encourage your child’s social-emotional learning by helping them say “thank you” to her teachers. Here are a few ways to thank teachers who have made a lasting impact. >Read more

4. Remember What You Learned.

Your child learned a lot in preschool and is off to bigger things. We have five heartfelt reminders for preschoolers and their parents as they prepare to transition into new phases of life.  >Read More

Receiving a diploma at preschool graduation is a special moment, and seeing your child’s intellectual and character development over the years is truly priceless. Their new skills are not only important today, but for years to come – what better reason to celebrate?

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