4 Books About Belonging for Children

4 Books About Belonging for Children

When children open a book, they’re not just learning about words and pictures. They’re also learning how they and their experiences fit within the broader world.

That’s why at Primrose Schools®, we believe it’s important for children to see people who look like them in books, images, educational materials and toys. This representation helps develop a sense of self alongside an appreciation of people who are different.

To support this sense of belonging, books representing a wide range of diverse characters are used throughout the Balanced Learning® curriculum. Learn more about four of the books we read to children that promote respect for others and celebrate different people and perspectives.

I’m Like You, You’re Like Me: A Book About Understanding and Appreciating Each Other
By Cindy Gainer
Illustrated by Miki Sakamoto
This book celebrates some of the many ways people can be alike and different, from skin and hair color to body size, ability and family composition. The story emphasizes that children can help others feel accepted and welcomed, and that kindness and cooperation make everyone feel good.

Rainbow Joe and Me
By Maria Diaz Strom
This colorful book introduces a girl named Eloise, who loves painting and mixing colors. She befriends her neighbor, Joe, who is blind. Joe shows Eloise how he experiences color, helping her see the beauty of the world in a whole new way.

It’s Okay to Be Different
By Todd Parr
This simple, bright book takes children through a long and validating list of things that are “okay,” including wearing glasses, needing help, talking about your feelings, being adopted and feeling proud of yourself.

Mixed Me!
By Taye Diggs
Illustrated by Shane W. Evans
In this lyrical story, Mike is a confident boy with great hair who likes to go fast. His parents have different skin colors, and sometimes that confuses his peers. But Mike knows that the world is full of flavors and textures, and that he came out “just right.”

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