3 Simple Steps to Help Your Family Prepare for Emergencies

Parents having a conversation with their young children about emergency preparedness

3 Simple Steps to Help Your Family Prepare for Emergencies

Emergencies and disasters can be scary to even think about, much less prepare for. But emergency preparedness is a topic that can’t be ignored – especially for parents of young children, who are the most vulnerable when disasters strike.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with our national partner, Save the Children, to promote its Get Ready. Get Safe. initiative, which uses fun games and activities to help families tackle this serious topic. You can get started by completing the three Prep Steps as a family: 1) Know your emergency contacts; 2) Create a family emergency plan; and 3) Pack a disaster supplies kit.

The following resources have everything you’ll need to complete the three Prep Steps and get your family prepared for emergencies:

Mom helps her young child complete a printable safety activity.

Prep Step #1: Know Your Emergency Contacts

It’s crucial for children to be able to identify and provide basic information about themselves in case they become separated from their parents during a disaster. Filling out an In Case of Emergency (ICE) card with your child is the first step to becoming Prep Step prepared. Read more >


Dad helps his young daughter create an emergency plan.

Prep Step #2: Create a Family Emergency Plan

Making a family emergency plan is not as overwhelming as it may sound! To complete the second Prep Step, take time with your family to discuss how and when to call 911 and where to seek shelter in case of emergencies. Read more >


Mom and daughter play an emergency preparedness card game.

Prep Step #3: Pack a Disaster Supplies Kit

Whether an emergency requires you to stay in your home or evacuate, it’s important to be prepared with essential supplies. Stocking up on key items for your home and for portable emergency kits is the final step to becoming Prep Step Prepared. Read more >

If you’re looking for a fun way to kick-off your family’s safety conversations, we recommend learning the Prep Step dance together!


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