3 Clever Ways to Upcycle a Tissue Box

Old tissue box recycled into a decorative storage container

3 Clever Ways to Upcycle a Tissue Box

Fun art projects don’t have to cost a lot of money – in fact, some of the best creations can be made with items already around your house! You can save empty cereal boxes for your children to make towers or keep plastic containers with lids for them to decorate as gift boxes or to hold special treats. ­

Tissue boxes are especially versatile for arts and crafts. Here are a few ideas for how your family can repurpose them:

  •  Storage Containers: Help your child wrap an empty tissue box with wrapping paper or glue paper scraps to the outside of the tissue box. Paint, color and decorate the outside of the box together. Decide if the box will need a larger opening, then carefully cut the top open for him if needed. Have him gather writing tools, stickers, etc. to put inside his new, decorated storage container.
  • Dress-Up “Shoes”: Use tissue boxes and art supplies to help your child create dress up shoes for his favorite costumes. For example, create “feet” for a chicken costume by covering two rectangular tissue boxes with orange paper (leaving the opening uncovered) and gluing four small yellow triangles to the front for “claws.” Paint tissue boxes and glue on rhinestones and draw designs to make them “princess shoes.” Have your child place his feet into the openings and make the openings wider as needed for comfort.
  • Feel-and-Find Box: Place several small items, varying in texture and shape, into an empty tissue box. Ask your child to close his eyes, place his hand inside the box and guess what each object is before taking it out. Make a game out of it by giving each family member a chance to “feel and find” too! Try this several times with a variety of different objects. This is a fun and easy way for the whole family to put their senses to the test! Children can also help find objects and decorate boxes by coloring the outside or adding scraps of paper.

To ensure you always have supplies on hand for your little artist, consider designating a shelf or box where you can collect recycled materials for future craft projects. In addition to being cost-effective, encouraging children to reuse existing materials also reminds them to reduce, reuse and recycle, which are important lessons in good citizenship.

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