27 Ways to Express Love to Your Little One

27 Ways to Express Love to Your Little One

Young children need to feel connected, heard, seen and celebrated! Here are 27 ideas you can use to show your love for your little one, which are inspired by the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

Connect Through Loving Touch

  1. Cuddle whenever you can!
  2. Give him a piggy back or airplane ride on the floor or in a grassy yard.
  3. Give her a back rub.
  4. Snuggle up and read books together.
  5. Tussle his hair when you walk by.
  6. Rub lotion on her arms and legs after her bath.
  7. Take a walk, hold hands and/or sing a song together. Hand-holding is not just for crossing the street!

Actively Participate and Be Present

  1. Build a castle of sugar cubes together.
  2. Swing with him at the park – Don’t just sit on the bench and watch him play.
  3. Play an age-appropriate board game together.
  4. Bake a cake or make a pizza together. 
  5. Create a play clay station in the kitchen and roll, pound, pinch, pull, create.
  6. Play “I Spy” together or sing songs during car rides.
  7. Sit down at the table for meals together. Turn off the television.
  8. Invite your child to be your helper when cleaning the house. Give her a “very important job” he will enjoy doing.

Use Loving Words Often

  1. Put simple love notes with smiley faces or hearts in her school snack/lunch bag.
  2. Tell him you love him several times a day and say it with sincerity!
  3. Use encouraging words like, “You can do it!” and “Wow, you worked so hard on that!”
  4. Make up relaxing journey stories with your child as the main character to help her go to sleep at night feeling loved.
  5. Use a soft tone of voice when you speak to your child.

Surprise Your Children with Small Gifts

  1. Put a fresh flower in water in her room.
  2. Get little goodies from the dollar mart and wrap them up with ribbon. Every once in a while for no reason, leave a little gift on his bed for him to discover when he comes home from school.
  3. Give her the gift of a special trip to the salon to get her nails painted or to get curls in her hair. 

Serve Your Children in Special Ways

  1. Offer to do a chore randomly for your child to surprise her.
  2. Pack his lunch or snack with great care.
  3. Help your child rehearse her lines for the school play.
  4. Try to always be on time to pick your child up from school.

Remember, children feel loved and secure when parents are consistent, encouraging and fully present! So get down on your child’s level and let her know you see her, hear her and want to play with her. Let her know that you care through your words, tone, touch and actions!

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