2017 Parents’ Picks: Advice, Recipes & Activities

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2017 Parents’ Picks: Advice, Recipes & Activities

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is coming to an end! We hope that this has been a year full of fun, growth and special memories for you and your family.

This year on the Pointers for Parents blog, we’ve shared parenting advice, family activities and helpful tips about the physical and social development of your child. Here’s a look back on some of our readers’ favorite 2017 posts!

Parenting and Child Development:

  • How Much Screen Time is Too Much? by Dr. Gloria Julius: Get a summary of the recent recommendations for screen usage by the American Academy of Pediatrics and find resources for implementing screen time parameters in your home.
  • 6 Skills Your Child Needs and How To Develop Them by Primrose Schools: Find out more about the six Executive Function skills that can help your young child develop and set them up for career success!
  • Positive Parenting Tips and Scripts by Lynn Louise Wonders: Say this, not that. Learn about the power of affirmation and get a list of positive phrases to use to correct your child’s undesirable behavior.
  • Moms: Read This if You’re Nervous for the First Day of School by Liz Ergle: This Primrose mom shares her experience on her daughter’s first day of school, and provides helpful advice for new moms who are making the transition to child care for the first time.

Crafts and Family Fun:

Healthy Eating and Wellness:

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