Toddler reading picture book

Reading with Your Child Now Pays Dividends Later

Did you know that language is a skill that all humans are programmed to learn from birth? While language is hardwired in all of us,…
Father and infant son hugging and smiling

How Strong Connections in the First Five Years Benefit Children

Feeling loved by and connected to parents and caretakers makes an incredible difference in a child’s growth, especially in their first five years when their…
two children hugging one of their parents

Instead of Teaching Your Child to “Be Nice”, Help Them Learn to “Be Kind”

Parents often tell their children to “be nice” when playing with others, but what does that really mean? Instead of encouraging your child to be nice, what if you taught them to be kind? Use these tips to help your child practice being kind.
parent and child looking at a book together and smiling

10 Books to Read with Your Preschooler on Valentine’s Day

Looking for fun ways to celebrate valentine's day with your little one? Check out this list of ten books to read with your preschooler on Valentine's Day.

A Craft to Celebrate Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month

Every year from September 15 to October 15, Primrose celebrates Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month. It’s a time to recognize and honor the diverse…

Teach Children Respect with DIY Bingo

When a child learns to treat others with respect at a young age, they are more likely to build strong relationships and act with kindness…
Parent helping children with arts and craft activity

“I Am Unique” Flower Craftivity

When a child knows that they belong, they can thrive. That’s why at Primrose Schools we celebrate similarities and differences and nurture character traits like…
teacher helping student with writing skills and holding their writing utensil

How Primrose Schools Uses Universal Design to Make Learning More Accessible

With UDL Primrose teachers can better meet the individual needs of each child by providing various open-ended activities and different ways of presenting information.
teacher helping student with puppet

Fostering Belongingness Through Music

Music helps children express themselves, learn about patterns, grow courage, practice listening, improve language, try new things and so much more.
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