preschool boy playing outside
preschool boy playing outside

Preschool Pathways Program

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Forging a path to a brighter future.

Our Preschool Pathways classroom embraces each child's natural sense of wonder as they observe, explore, and learn. This program is designed for children who turn three years old after the cutoff date for school entrance and provides an opportunity for children to stay with their peers for an extended period of time.

Preschool Pathways provides a “bridge” between Early Preschool and Preschool for children to stay with their peers while having additional opportunities to explore more advanced concepts.

Primrose Friend Molly the cow with loose building blocks Primrose Friend Molly the cow with building blocks structure

Our Preschool Pathways program nurtures Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®

Guided by our exclusive Balanced Learning® approach, our teachers help children build confidence through unique experiences and fun activities. Your child will begin to learn how to interact with others and the environment around them. Here are some of the engaging programs and activities that Preschool Pathways children will experience.

Harmony & Heart®

The first few years of life are important for developing musical aptitude and a love of music, and can even help prepare children for learning, reading, and math in the future.

Thumbs Up!

Each day your child has time to strengthen gross motor muscles by sliding, climbing, jumping, and running freely and safely on age-appropriate playgrounds. Your child develops awareness of body place in space while increasing balance, coordination, and agility.

Science and Sensory Development

Children have opportunities each day to nurture their wonder by asking questions and investigating to make new discoveries about the world. Your child engages with the beginning stages of the engineering process by learning to ask questions, design and test possible solutions and redesign new solutions.

Og’s Story Time

Your child develops listening comprehension skills and a love of reading as teachers read aloud and discuss the content.

Primrose Early Art Masters®

Children are introduced to art techniques and are encouraged to try them as they learn about the work of famous early art masters, contemporary artists and children's book illustrators.

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