A young kid measuring his height
A young kid measuring his height

Kindergarten Program

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Five-Year-Olds Achieving Above and Beyond!

What a thrill it is when your five-year-old wants to read to you! Your kindergartener may want to explain how a simple machine works or how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Find out how your child prepares to be a successful, well-rounded individual ready for the world.

Where Children and Parents Feel Confident

A strong kindergarten experience helps prepare your child for success in elementary school. And at Primrose, we believe creating this quality foundation begins by building an environment committed to health, safety, and supporting families.

Primrose prioritizes health & safety with small group lessons that reduce exposure risks while also offering more individual attention, and schools have enhanced the already-strict health & safety procedures to meet or exceed all local and state guidelines. To further support families, Primrose schools offer rolling admissions so your child can join a class at any time, and extended hours help busy parents avoid the need for supplemental care. Schools also send daily app notifications and emails to connect parents and teachers while giving you a glimpse into all the fun your child is having.​

Early Learning Domains


Approaches to Learning

Each child learns in different ways. The Primrose Balanced Learning® approach provides teachers with the tools and guidance to accommodate children’s natural curiosity and to fully support each child while building problem solving skills and confidence.


Science & Engineering

Children are natural scientists. They use their senses and special technological tools to observe and investigate their world, recording and analyzing their findings through writing, drawing or taking photos.


Language & Literacy

The early years are critical for literacy development. From sign language and story time in younger classrooms, to phonics and eventually reading and writing in our older ones, your child develops important literacy skills and a love of reading.


Creative Arts

Visual and creative arts stimulate imagination and creative thinking. In our proprietary Primrose Early Art Masters® program, children discover early and contemporary artists and practice their techniques in their own masterpieces.


Physical Development

Active children become active adults. We show your child fun ways to practice proper techniques for movement, balance and motor skills with plenty of time to slide, climb and run on our age-appropriate playgrounds.



Early experiences with math help children develop reasoning skills, inventiveness and persistence in problem solving. Our math program introduces numbers, measurement and patterns through hands-on learning.

We’re proud of our kindergartners—96% of our 2020–2021 class showed first grade readiness by meeting or exceeding early literacy and math standards!

Primrose Kindergarten initial puppet Primrose Kindergarten secondary puppet

Our Kindergarten program nurtures Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®

In our Kindergarten program, your child builds upon previous learning, including emergent reading, writing and math skills within small group instruction. Here are some of the engaging programs and activities that promote social, emotional, physical, cognitive, creative and character development, so your child is prepared to take on elementary school and beyond.

Health & Safety First

The health and safety of children has always been the priority, but we’ve enhanced our protocols even more in response to the pandemic.

Happy Hearts Character Development® and Life Skills

Children embrace character traits like honesty, compassion and generosity, traits which is best taught and modeled early on.

Language, Reading and Writing

Your child continues to expand her vocabulary, builds reading comprehension skills and enjoys writing her own creative stories. You will love engaging with your child when she reads her stories to you!

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