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Go & Grow™ Part-Time Program

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Growing curious minds

Children are naturally curious and engage in creative problem solving easily if they are provided with supportive, intentional play environments. Research shows that social-emotional intelligence and good character are the best predictors of future achievement in school and in life, and our part-time program is built to set children up for success.

Through movement, children develop good thinking and communication skills as they explore and interact with their world.

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Our Go & Grow™ Part-Time program nurtures Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®

In our Go & Grow™ part-time program, three- and four-year-olds become confident individuals, build meaningful relationships, and function successfully in school and in life through purposeful play and discovery. This program focuses on building social-emotional intelligence, musical aptitude, and critical thinking skills.

Happy Hearts Character Development® and Life Skills

Children bring character traits like giving and caring to life in a meaningful way through authentic projects.

Harmony & Heart®

Music builds new pathways in the brain that reinforce mathematical and reading concepts, while also increasing your child’s independence and confidence. Your child will not only learn music skills like tone, melody, and rhythm - they’ll also grow in areas like language, math, and character development.

Primrose Early Art Masters®

Children are introduced to art techniques and are encouraged to try them as they learn about the work of famous early art masters, contemporary artists and children's book illustrators.

Science and Engineering

Your child ventures and explores in open-ended scientific experiences and discussions to nurture that natural sense of curiosity. They engage in the early stages of the engineering design process while learning to use science tools to observe and discern objects in detail.

Children's Choice Learning Centers

Your child develops essential skills like cooperation, creativity and problem solving as they play, discover and explore in various experiential learning centers of their choice.

Physical Development & Health

Your child will jump, stretch, skip, throw and kick up some fun. Together the children laugh and enjoy fitness games while helping to build healthy bodies, healthy habits and self-confidence.

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