Chlidren in Primrose Uniforms, text on image says Back to School
Chlidren in Primrose Uniforms, text on image says Back to School

Early Learning Starts Here

What is Balanced Learning®?

Our Balanced Learning approach inspires children to develop creativity, compassion and resourcefulness. This time-tested and research-informed approach instills a love of learning and discovery that helps your child develop through an early learning experience that leads to Active Bodies, Healthy Minds, and Happy Hearts®.

Our Balanced Learning program nurtures Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®

Balance extends to everything we do with an emphasis on age-appropriate development. We help your child take on a skill when they are ready so they can experience success with enriching early learning experiences in reading, science, technology, art, math, music, life skills, and physical development.

Infant Program

Starting at six weeks, we help little ones use all of their senses to explore the world around them. Literacy, communication, motor skills, and sensory development are the building blocks of this program.

Toddler Program

Toddlers are on-the-go, and our program and classroom equipment are built to support the continual development of those motor skills. Children will be developing basic sign language abilities helping them communicate as they continue to learn verbal communication skills.

Early Preschool Program

With a focus on literacy and language at this stage, 2-year-old children will be introduced to purposeful learning activities that can help form a strong foundation of academic and social skills.

Preschool Pathways Program

Designed for children who turn 3-years-old after the cutoff date for school entrance, this program provides an opportunity for children to stay with their peers for an extended period of time while continuing to develop their academic and social-emotional skills.

Preschool Program

Watch as 3-year-olds make leaps in their cognitive, social, physical, emotional, and creative development. Their confidence comes to life as they learn to express themselves creatively and explore new worlds and experiences through books and projects.

Pre-Kindergarten Program

This age is filled with choices, and children in this program have the opportunity to make them by engaging in emergent reading, writing, science, technology, engineering and math skills (STEAM) within large group, small group and children's choice settings.

Kindergarten Program

Small group instruction provides a continued pathway to success for Kindergarteners. Participating Primrose schools offering this program are providing purposeful learning experiences in preparation for Elementary School and beyond.

After School Care

Our Explorer Program is offered at participating Primrose schools and gives elementary-aged children the chance to explore various learning zones after their regular school day.

Go & Grow™ Part-Time Program

Offered at participating Primrose schools, this part-time program gives three- and four-year-olds the opportunity to continue building social-emotional intelligence, musical aptitude, and critical thinking skills.

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