A young girl kid enjoying with her friend
A young girl kid enjoying with her friend

After School Program

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Fun, friends, homework! It all happens here.

Imagine a nurturing after school program where children can relax, make friends and continue to learn while having fun. Welcome to the Primrose Explorer program for children ages 5 through 12. Children receive homework help so they establish good habits and are freed up for more family fun at home. Still, there’s plenty of time to explore creative expression, sports, technology, drama, music, games or enjoy some downtime.

A variety of school-based studies found that increased time in physical activity has a positive relationship with academic achievement

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Our After School program nurtures Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®

Whether your child is a budding actor, tech wizard, athlete, author or rock star, there’s something for everyone in our Explorer program. Here are some of the exciting zones and enrichment activities that your child will enjoy after school.

Homework Help

Your child practices study skills to support their homework, before the games begin. Students have access to teacher assistance as well as online research and homework help resources.

Culinary Zone

Young chefs are welcome at this zone! Children learn to measure and mix as they follow basic directions of a new recipe each week.

Production Zone

The Production Zone is the gathering space for various types of productions, such as plays, presentations, and music performances.

Tech Zone

Explorers develop confidence in problem-solving skills as they explore how to safely access knowledge online. They use this information to write creative stories, develop charts, build slideshows and take virtual field trips.

Engineering Zone

Children build, design, revise and create to solve a problem at the Engineering Zone! This space is for children to use their design thinking skills and engage in engineering design challenges.

Create Zone

The Create Zone provides tools children may use to engage in creative activities, such as fine arts, design, and crafts. Open-ended art materials, such as paper, construction paper, drawing tools, and paint should always be available in this zone.

Game Zone

Game Zone includes both indoor and outdoor activities. Outdoor activities include sports-related games or theme-related games the children may play either indoors or outdoors. Indoor games include board games, chess, and card games.

Chill Zone

The Chill Zone is an area where children may engage in quiet, relaxing activities, such as reading, journal writing, and listening to soft music.

Service Learning

At Primrose Schools, Explorers actively engage in community projects that help others in meaningful ways. Together with their friends, they learn the joy of giving without expecting anything in return.

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