Summer Camp

Summer Camp C

Adventure awaits this summer as your child explores something new each day at Camp Primrose. Exciting summer curriculum projects, special events and field trips keep your child’s imagination growing. Summer at Camp Primrose is filled with excitement, enthusiasm and creativity!

Active Minds

  • Your child logs on to fun, educational projects and activities in the Tech Zone. Virtual field trips and e-books are just a click away, while technological devices, digital cameras and video equipment are also available for use in creative pursuits like being on the student news team as a reporter or videographer.
  • Interest Clubs give children the chance to participate in small group activities related to personal interests and explore new activities and hobbies.
  • Teachers challenge students to stretch their literary skills by having them write fictional stories and produce student newspapers in the creative writing section of our Create Zone.
  • “All the world’s a stage” in the Explorers Club Star Zone! Students explore drama and theater, enjoy music and dance, and write and perform plays.
  • Summer campers take multiple field trips each week to parks, museums and local landmarks to help learning and themes come alive all summer long.
  • Guest speakers share their expertise with summer campers on theme related topics through special lessons, stories and classroom demonstrations.

Healthy Bodies

  • Our Game Zone is more than just fun and games! The activities we offer also promote health, physical activity and cognitive reasoning through active outdoor game play.
  • On Summer Splash Days your child stays active and cool with safe water-themed games and activities.
  • Summer campers learn about making healthy choices and the basics of cooking as they prepare creative snacks in our Snack Zone.

Happy Hearts

  • Children catch up with friends, listen to music, read independently or just unwind in the Chill Zone.
  • Students experiment and express themselves with different art materials and techniques in Create Zone.
  • Special Events and Activities, such as school celebrations, Share the Fun events, field trips, guest speakers and spirit weeks add to the fun.
  • Each month teachers introduce different character traits through stories, discussion, role-playing, and activities in our character development program, Way to Be!Children learn the meaning and importance of traits like generosity, compassion and gratitude.
  • Our Helping Hands® Program teaches your child the importance of giving to others through activities like Precious Pets – where they collect food and supplies for animal shelters.
  • Our Adopt-A-Grandparent® Program gives your child the opportunity to build special friendships with local senior citizens through regularly scheduled events and activities.

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