Our Staff

Mrs. Kathleen McDavid
Program Director

I am very proud to be a part of the Primrose Team!  I have my Bachelor's Degree in History from Kansas University, my Masters Degree in Teaching from Webster University, and a current Child Development Associate Credential (CDA.) I have worked in early childhood for over three years and have over thirteen years of experience in the education field.  I believe that education is one of the most important and influential aspects in your child’s life.  My goals as Program Director are to provide a safe, nurturing environment where all children are able to flourish as students while learning from dedicated educators.   I love to see children smile, grow, and reach their true potential.  I have two small children of my own and live with my husband in Overland Park.  On my weekends, you will find me cheering my 1st grade son on in one of his sports, playing with my one year old, or enjoying a night out with my husband.  I look forward to helping all children in the school with whatever needs they may have. 


Mrs. Graham
Curriculum Director

Hi, my name is Mrs. Graham and I am proud to say I have worked at Primrose now for 7 1/2 years!  One of the reasons I chose Primrose was its wonderful, accredited curriculum.  It truly sets our school apart from the others!  Another reason is the loving, friendly atmosphere you receive when you walk through the doors.  My mother had licensed day cares growing up and it was her love for children that inspired me to teach.  I have over 15 years experience in the child care field.  I have worked as a para for special needs children, nannied for twins and taught in the pre-school setting.  I enjoy each new child I meet and look forward to teaching them in our safe, nurturing environment!

Mrs. Alexander
Kindergarten Teacher

I have always loved children.  Even as a little girl my aspirations were to become a babysitter, teacher, pediatrician, and a mom.  Once I realized I had to give shots to children, I decided to become a teacher instead.  I received my elementary teacher certification from Saint Mary's University after obtaining a bachelors degree from Columbia College.  I began with Primrose in January 2008 as a teacher's assistnat in Mrs. McCabe's pre-k class.  In 2009, I started in Explorer's Club doing summer camp.  By the time 2010 rolled around, I was the lead teacher of the Kindergarten class and began my fourth class in the fall of 2013.  I also have continued to be with Explorer's Club before school, during school breaks, and summers.  I enjoy Primrose because of the wonderful children and their families, but I also like their balanced approach and center based education.  I feel this program reaches all learning styles and is developed to make children feel successful in their area of expertise and areas of need. 

Mrs. McCabe
Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher

I joined the Primrose Staff in the Spring of 2006.  The last seven years I have been the lead in the Pre-Kindergarten 2 Classroom.  I have been married for 27 years and we have three children.  I graduated from Emporia State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education and have 20 years of teaching experience.  Although I enjoyed teaching older children, preparing children for kindergarten is my passion.  I believe that a quality preschool experience instills confidence and a love of learning that will follow them for the rest of their lives.  Primrose offers a comprehensive and well rounded curriculum that supports learning in a fun environment.  

Miss Berry
Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

I have lived in Leawood all of my life, and graduated from Mission South High School!  I graduated from Johnson County Community College with an Associate Art Degree.  I received my Bachelor of Science from the University of Kansas and have a teaching certification for Kansas and Missouri.  I have experience subbing in the surrounding school districts and also taught as a 5th grade and 6th grade teacher for many years.  I have been teaching at Primrose for 8 years and I love it!

Miss Jacobs
Preschool 2 Teacher

I have been working in early childhood education for 10 years.  During that time, I have taught in infant, toddler, preschool, and pre-k classrooms.  Through this experience, I discovered my love for the preschool age group.  I have worked in the preschool classroom at Primrose since 2009.  I enjoy watching my group of three and four year olds learn something new every day and the excitement and energy that they bring to school with them each day.  Before working at Primrose, I studied early childhood education at the University of Kansas.

Miss Miller
Preschool 2 Teacher

My name is Miss Miller.  I have been in childcare for 4 years before I started at Primrose.  I was a lead infant teacher for two years, then a Pre-Kindergarten teacher for one year at another center. I have 2 years of child development education from State Fair Community College. I then received my CNA at Clinton Tech School for Infant, Child, and Adult CPR.  

Mrs. Ulm
Early Preschool 2 Teacher

I have a Bachelors Degree in Juvenile Justice from the University of Kansas.  I have been working with young children for four years and enjoy getting to know each child's personality and watching them grow!

Miss Fulk
Toddler Teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Fulk.   I have been working at Primrose School of Leawood for over a year now, primarily with the Toddler Group.  Previously, I taught middle and high school Spanish in Center and Kearney School Districts in Missouri.  I have a Bachelors Degree in International Business/Spanish from William Jewell College and a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction along with my Missouri teaching certificate for Spanish K-12 from the University of Missouri Kansas City.  I was fortunate to also be able to study at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico for a semester.  What I love about Primrose is the unity of the staff and all of the wonderful families and kids that I get to work with. It is such a joy to see the kids smiling faces, greet me every day, and watch them learn and grow into miniature young adults.  Just knowing that I have a part in their developmental process is priceless and they never cease to amaze me or make me laugh on a daily basis!

Miss Adams
Preschool 1 Teacher

Hi! My name is Nancy Adams.  I am a recent graduate from the University of Kansas.  I have a B.A. in Applied Behavioral Science with a focus in Early Childhood Education and Intervention.  I have spent the past 5 years working with kids, teaching dance, working in preschools and my church nursery.  I love working with kids and making a different in their lives.  Working at Primrose is a lot of fun!  I love getting to know the kids and their families, and learning about their favorite things!  

Miss Ottinger
Infant Teacher

My name is Miss Ottinger and I completed my BA in Child and Family Development at the University of Central Missouri in December 2013.  I have worked with children for eleven years, and in child care for 2 years.  Kids make me laugh and Primrose is such a positive environment to work in.  I have great co-workers!

Miss Lynch
Kindergarten Teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Lynch and I'm so excited to be teaching at Primrose!  I'm a certified K-6 teacher with my Bachelors in Elementary Education and I'm currently working towards my Masters in Education Technology.  I've been teaching for the last five years and I absolutely love it!  I love watching my students learn and grow!

Miss Navickas

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Navickas.  I am a graduate of Nativity Parish School.  Currently, I'm a Senior at Saint Thomas Aquinas.  I plan to attend college and major in education.  I was drawn to Primrose because of the caring learning environment.  I have enjoyed working with the children to help them to learn and grow.  My goal is to make sure the children have a wonderful experience in school just like I did.  I love coming in to Primrose every morning and seeing all the children's smiling faces and getting hugs!

Miss Regan
Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher

My name is Haili Regan.  I recently began working at Primrose School in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom.  Working at Primrose has been one of the best experiences I've ever had!  I absolutely love it!  I love the children and my co-workers.  I recently moved here from Oklahoma!

Miss Prasad
Infant Teacher

Hi! My name is Ms. Prasad.  I recently graduated with a degree in K-12 Music Education from Doane College.  I am enjoying my first year teaching here at Primrose in the Infant Room!

Miss VanCleve

My name is Miss Van Cleve and I have been at Primrose for almost four years.  I am a floater, which means I get to spend time with all the kids in all the rooms.  I like this because I can learn everyone's names and watch all the kids grow, learn, and play!  I have an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Johnson County Community College and am finishing up my Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education at Emporia State University.

Miss Stablein
Toddler 1 Teacher

Hello! My name is Melanie Stablein.  I have been working with kids since I was 17 years old.  I have worked with infants, toddlers, and preschool.  I love working at Primrose because I love watching my toddlers learn and grow.  It's so exciting to see the look on their face when they learn something new!  I'm looking foward to the school year!

Miss Shephard
Preschool 1 Teacher

My name is Caroline Shephard.  I am a Southern Illinois University graduate.  I have a B.S. in Elementary Education and hold a K-9 Certified Teaching Certificate.  I have eight years of professional teaching experience.  I joined Primrose in August and have enjoyed each day thus far.  I look forward to seeing each child grow and learn!  

Miss Kintz
Early Preschool 2 Teacher

Hi, I'm Leighann Kintz.  I live in Independence, MO with my dog Beaux.  In my free time I enjoy singing and writing children's books.  I have been an Early Childhood Teacher for three years.  I got my Bachelor's of Arts Degree at Graceland University in Elementary Education, and I am certified to teach Early Childhood.  I enjoy working at Primrose because they encourage parent involvement with charitable activities and day to day activities!  I also enjoy Primrose because I get to learn and grow with the families of my students!

Miss Mann
Toddler 2 Teacher

My name is Meredith Mann.  I graduated last May from KU with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education and Intervention.  I have worked with kids for 9 years!  I love working at Primrose because the environment is geared towards helping each child grow intellectually and feel that they are special in every way!  

Mrs. Lucas
Mrs. Hill

Parent Testimonial

My grandchild, Sanjay, goes to the Leawood Primrose for the past one year and has been learning in leaps and bounds. He has a new found interest in reading when before, he wouldn't sit quiet for more than a couple of minutes when I wanted to read to him. Now, he brings books over for me to read aloud to him. He is also recognizing some letters and words!!

Another major milestone has been his understanding of various roles people play. For instance, one day, he kept telling me "I'm a doctor" and he proceeded to imitate what a doctor would do using things around the home. When I asked my daughter in law what that meant, she said that he has been role playing as part of the school curriculum.

The school curriculum has been great for young children to learn and grow even before they start first grade. I firmly believe that the Leawood school especially prepares kids to succeed at their elementary schools.

--Mithra Thirugnanam
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