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Mr. & Mrs. Hinman
Jeremy and Stacey Hinman are the Franchise Owner/Operators of Primrose School of Lake Norman.  They built this school and opened in May 2006.  It is important to the Hinman's to bring a solid academic program to the Lake Norman area.  Primrose's Balanced Learning Program answers that call and more.  They love coming in to the school each day hearing the sweet sound of excited little voices.  With our four person management team in place, we feel confident that Primrose School of Lake Norman is the best and most trusted early childhood facility in the area.  With our AdvancED Accrediation and Five Star North Carolina Child Care License, our school has a lot to offer.  With our 100% satisifaction guarantee, we are confident that you will be happy joined our Primrose family.
Mrs. Kenda Leavine
Miss Meagan Hopes
Assistant Director
Mrs. Amber Sparks
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Debbie Kaye
Business Manager
Mr. Jason Head
Nutritional Specialist
Mrs. Courtney Hays
Infant Teacher
Miss Heather York
Infant Teacher
Mrs. Paula Schwartz
Infant Teacher


Mrs. Cristine Rasmussen
Infant Teacher
Miss Mary-Katherine Webber
Toddler Teacher
Mrs. Teresa Roberts
Toddler Teacher
Mrs. Jessica Gilbert
Toddler Teacher
Mrs. Tina Cummo
Early Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Carrie Powell
Early Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Jacquelyn Costin
Early Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Alicia Lacasse
Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Whitney Atkins
Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Renee Koester
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Juliane Broncatello
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Ashley Potocnak
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Stephanie Thompson
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Jennifer Thomas
Explorer's Club Teacher
Miss Jana Lockhart
Explorer's Club Teacher
Miss Sarah Crotts
Substitute Teacher

Parent Testimonial

When our nanny gave her notice to us that she had a different opportunity, we knew that we needed to find a special place for our daughter.  Our daughter, Ella, has Developmental Delay, Apraxia of speech and Sensory Processing Disorder.  Ella also does not routinely nap and has a very special diet.  This made us much more anxious about our search.  We called some different centers and were even denied admission because of her special needs. 

I knew of Primrose because our old nanny had been employed by one and my best friend had her daughters at one in Cornelius.  I decided with palpitations in my heart to just stop in at 4:30 in the middle of the week.  I wanted to know what it was really like at the busiest times.  When I briefly explained (with tear-filled eyes and a shaky voice) what we were looking for, she did not even bat an eye.  I found out that she was the owner, Stacey Hinman and she was more than happy to discuss our options.  She made me feel like there was nothing more important at that moment except for our conversation about Ella.  She asked appropriate and sensitive questions regarding Ella’s special needs.  These questions met her with more weariness and tears.  We were just so scared that a center would not be able to give her what she needed. 

Mrs. Hinman reassured me that they would go above and beyond to meet her needs and actually they wanted to be able to assess her needs (to a point) themselves instead of assuming what she would need based on what went on at home.  She was willing to do part-time with Ella which would be even more challenging for them not having the consistency.  She felt very confident that they would help her to be the best ‘Ella’ that she could be. 

After the initial meeting, my husband, Roddy and I were very sure that was where we should be.  We now just had to get them all the information they needed and get her there.  Kenda Bilberry was instrumental in getting meetings set up prior to us starting.  We met with the teachers, directors, and the chef, Mr. Head.  Mr. Head assured us from the very beginning that he would accommodate her meals to make them healthy and safe for her.  We continue to be able to bring in substitutions from home if there is something on the menu that she can’t have.  He goes above and beyond EVERY day to help us get her nutritional needs met.  We were able to coordinate 2 of her therapies to come into the classroom.  She has Occupational Therapy on Monday mornings and Speech Therapy on Tuesday mornings.  Primrose had a quiet, private area toward the back of the building that we could use for therapy when they were not in the classroom. 

Ella was 2 years, 2 months actual age when we started at Primrose.  We started in the 12-18 month room since Ella was approximately 16 months old developmentally.  She fit in very well with what the other children were able to do.  After a couple of months, we were moved to the 18-24 month room.  This was a good transition for her and she still was able to interact with most of the same teachers. 

Ella was doing very well and we were comfortable for a few months.  We needed this room to be easy and the teachers able to manage her.  At that time, Ella had not been sleeping through the night for 13 months…most nights up from 45 min – 5 hours.  She and we were just exhausted.  Ella was still part-time at Primrose, going 2-3 days a week.

Summer had come and we as a family were ready for a vacation.  Ella was now 2 ½ years old, and developmentally she was about 22 months old except for speech.  While on vacation, I fractured my toe on my right foot and had to have surgery.  The week we came home from vacation, I called Meagan Hopes and explained our situation that Ella needed to start coming full-time since I was unable to take care of her at home.  Meagan and Kenda were more than accommodating.  We were able to start full-time immediately.   They also suggested that we go ahead and move her up to the next room.  We were very apprehensive about this since this next room seemed to have much more structure.  We were reassured that she was ready and they were confident in her ability to succeed.

In the weeks following her going full-time, we started noticing her sleep improving and her ability to remain organized and less reactive was improving.  She then started sleeping through the night on a daily basis.  We were overwhelmed with how well she had transitioned and were doing at home as a result of her changing rooms and going full-time.

In the time since, she is still going full-time and the 2 year old room has been amazing.  The teachers have totally captured the essence of who Ella is.  She is flourishing and making huge improvements.  She is able to sit in circle time for 10 minutes and listen to stories.  We frequently get notes home with all the new things and sounds that she is doing.  When Ella started showing some behavioral problems that we had experienced at home…we needed to have a plan in place for the teachers.  After speaking with the Occupational Therapist about this, the teachers spent the time with our Occupational Therapist to discuss how to best manage her in those situations.  They were anxious to learn how they could help her.  Since then, the teachers have managed her appropriately if behavioral situations arise.

All in all, we have been more than pleased with Primrose and very confident in their ability to take care of children who may not be typical and have special needs.

--Lisa Cobb
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