Primrose Guarantee

Proven, Accredited and Guaranteed.

Choosing child care is a big decision.  At Primrose Schools, we are passionate about nurturing young children and providing the highest quality early childhood education for each child entrusted to our care.  

Our goal at Primrose Schools is to develop a trusted partnership with all of our parents, and parents know that they can trust us not only to care for their children, but also to help them grow, learn and excel in a safe environment. They’ve experienced firsthand the positive impact that our trained, dedicated staff and our Balanced Learning® Curriculum has had on their children.

This is why we offer the Primrose Satisfaction Guarantee. It represents our commitment to your family and our assurance that you will be completely satisfied with your child’s happiness and learning success at Primrose. Primrose offers the best educational child care experience available for young children. It is our invitation to you to experience Primrose for yourself.

Contact us today and discover why parents have been trusting Primrose Schools for more than 30 years! 

Program Details

If you're not completely satisfied that your child is happy and thriving after four weeks at a Primrose school, we'll refund your tuition. 

Guarantee applies only to newly registered families who begin full-time enrollment at a participating Primrose school. Initial enrollment is contingent on space availability. This Guarantee and associated reimbursement of tuition are subject to the following conditions/qualifications:

  • A family who has had a child previously registered at any Primrose school is not eligible for this Guarantee.
  • A family is only eligible for this money-back Guarantee one time.
  • Families must provide all requested enrollment paperwork prior to first day of attendance.
  • Families must ensure child(ren) is in attendance a minimum of 80% of the school days within the four-week trial period.
  • Families must pre-pay the standard tuition for the entire trial period (four weeks). Pre-paid registration and supply fees (as opposed to tuition fees) are non-refundable.
  • Summer Camp, Explorer and part-time enrollment programs are excluded from this offer.
  • Notification for disenrollment must be in writing and submitted to the school owner or director before the end of the four-week trial period.
  • Parents requesting reimbursement must share with the school's management staff member the reason for disenrollment, although a refund is not conditioned upon reason given.


If qualified for refund, the participating school will refund the full tuition amount paid per child withdrawn within 30 days of the school's receipt of the notification of disenrollment. No other fees or charges are covered by this guarantee.