Partnership with Parents

At Primrose Schools, our Partnership with Parents establishes a strong connection for the benefit of nurturing and educating the children entrusted to our care. We understand how important it is for you to know about your child’s day, upcoming school events and progress in all areas of your child’s learning and development. We know that consistent communication is the key to a trusted partnership with parents. That is why we begin our partnership with a parent orientation. Having a clear understanding up front of what we can expect from each other helps us establish common goals for the benefit of your child. It is an important foundation for creating the very best early childhood education experience for you and your child.

Safety At Our School

While your child is busy learning, playing, singing, painting and growing, you can take comfort in our commitment to providing a safe, secure environment every day.


Nothing is more important than feeling completely secure with where your child is at when they are not with you. We never have a doubt when we drop our son off at school every morning. He has been at Primrose since he was 3 months old. He is now 13 months old and gets excited when we pull into the parking lot every day. All of the teachers know and love him so much, and you can tell their feelings are quite genuine. He has learned so much and interacts with others, both adult and child, so well - and we know it's because of his time spent at Primrose. The last few weeks have been monumental. He's gained more mobility and has learned to sign things we have not taught him. Being able to communicate with your child, when he's not quite ready to verbalize what he's trying to tell us, is AMAZING! I look forward to experiencing all he has and continues to learn at Primrose, throughout the next handful of years he is there. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Our son started at Primrose when he was just over two years old. Now that he's almost five and headed to kindergarten, we feel he's been well prepared by the caring Primrose staff. We love the progressive curriculum, fun atmosphere, flexibility, the optional activities, and seeing our son so excited to go to school every day.