I worked at another Primrose for 2 years and when I got a new job in an office I was worried that switching my daughter's school might have a bad effect on her. I knew I wanted her to go to a Primrose because of my teaching experience there I knew that is the type of education I wanted for my daughter. We live very close to the Harmony on the Lakes Primrose and I work less than a minute from there. I toured and fell in love with the place!!!! The Owner Dr Sandra Chaney has her doctorate in education and is a former principal and teacher. Sharon Shelton, her daughter, is an amazing caregiver and comes from a corporate background. Molli, my daughter, is in the infant room and "Ms. P" and Ms. Lewis do a wonderful job taking care of her and eased her in very well with her transition. My son, Parker, is 7 and is enrolled in there Summer Camp Program and will most likely attend there aftercare program during the school year. Ms. Jen, his teacher is happy and welcoming and always has something great to tell me about his day and that he did. Everyone at the school is wonderful, caring and loving teachers who you can tell love what they do and want to be doing it! Their meal plan is the best!!! They go to the actual grocery store and do not purchase from a food vendor. So they serve fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. My son does NOT eat turkey at all! He came home the other day telling me he had 3 helpings of there turkey lunch!!! WOW!!! I was shocked. Overall I am glad I have my kids in a Primrose and will continue to keep them there so they can grow and learn and become wonderful people! The staff at Primrose Harmony on the Lakes are truly the people that I would want caring for my children!!!

Jen Formby

We are very pleased parents of Primrose. Our greatest satisfaction has been with the wonderful teachers our son has had over the last three years. They have been incredibly loving, attentive, and skilled. They have gone Above and beyond many times for all of the children in their classes. We have recommended Primrose to others and feel that it has been a wonderful building block to our son's early education.


When looking for a care provider in such a busy city, I think the search becomes essential to really get your bang for the buck, and who does this better than Primrose. When searching for a provider I was really looking for a place that was like a second home for my children. I was so lucky to find Primrose Harmony on the Lakes. Primrose already implements great standards in their education but when I walked into this school, I knew it was the place for my children. I have 1 and 2 year old boys and I know that every morning when I drop them off, they are always happy and relaxed and the goodbye is not so heart wrenching. I know my children are loved and taken well care of though out the day. They have soared passed milestones and I am so amazed each and everyday on their progress. This is very important to me, I want my children to be challenged and never bored. I love being part of the this Primrose family and I could never thank them enough of how much they make my days easier and more calm as a mother.

Tiffany Messier

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