Connor has grown so much, in the past year! His steps have gone from tiny to unbelievable, and he LOVES being there! He has not only learned about himself and his family, he also learns how to cooperate with others and encourage others toward a goal. Socially, as an only child I was concerned that his development would be slow. At Primrose, he has gone from only saying "NO!" to smiling and saying "yes, please." And, understanding what it means, to boot! I would highly recommend the Harmony on the Lakes Primrose. They treat everyone like family. And, they encourage parent involvement. Thank you for everything!

Vanessa Smith

We have been at Primrose at Harmony on the Lakes since they opened over 5 years ago. I was a little apprehensive at first with it being a brand new school and not having their reputation established but we decided to try it. So glad we did! We love the coziness as you walk in the door and the true love for the kids and education Primrose has. The teachers are truly amazing and I feel at ease with knowing my children are receiving the attention, love and curriculum needed to get the best start at life.

Amanda Lockwood

We could not be more thrilled with our experience at Primrose at Harmony on the Lakes. After looking at several area schools, we chose Primrose because of their extraordinary staff and structured curriculum. We enrolled our child as an infant, and we can definitely see the Primrose influence on his development. Our son is now in the Toddler room and he just loves playing with his friends and is even using some sign language! So far, we have been so impressed with how caring the teachers are in both the Infant and Toddler rooms. We are definitely treated like a member of the family and would gladly recommend Primrose at Harmony on the Lakes to anyone looking for a school for their young child.

Randy Sieger

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