Our Staff

Ms. Tammy Paul

Ms. Tammy Paul has been with Primrose School since 2006. Ms. Tammy has 20 years experience in childcare and earned her Director’s Credential in Education in June 2008. Ms. Tammy strives to provide the children, staff and families with a safe, secure and happy environment. Ms. Tammy is dedicated to helping Primrose School of Chase Oaks be the best that it can be. On the weekends, Ms. Tammy spends her time with her family and 8 dogs. She is a loyal animal activist and an animal welfare columnist for the Examiner Paper. She enjoys quality time with her son Mark and his wife Julie and her grandchildren, Grayson and Vivian Blair. She also enjoys golfing, swimming and cooking. She is a valuable team member to Primrose School of Chase Oaks.

Ms. Jamie Young
Assistant Director

Ms. Jamie began her Primrose journey in 2007 as a teacher’s assistant in our EPS 1 program. Over the years, Ms. Jamie worked her way to Lead Teacher of our Preschool program. In November 2014, Ms. Jamie retired from teaching to persue other endeavors but her love for children and the Primrose Way led her back to Primrose School of Chase Oaks. With Ms. Jamie’s curriculum knowledge and years of Primrose expreience we are excited to welcome her back as our new Assistant Director. Ms. Jamie is the proud mom of two beautiful children, Chase and Zoey.
Mrs. Lani Thompson
Infant Room
Mrs. Lani Thompson has been a part of our Primrose family since 2002. Mrs. Lani provides our infants with love and comfort while developing their social, emotional, motor and language skills. On the weekends, her time is committed to her wonderful husband, 6 kids and 4 dogs. Lani is highly respected for her many years of commitment to our Primrose School. We are proud to have her be a part of our Primrose family.
Mrs. Katina Phan
Co-Lead Teacher/Prekindergarten
Mrs. Katina Phan comes to our Primrose family from Queens, New York. Mrs. Katina joined our team in 2007. Mrs. Katina enjoys teaching and providing the best educational experience for her students of Pre-Kindergarten.
Mrs. Pat Ayag
Co-Lead Teacher Pre-Kindergarten

Congratulations to Mrs. Pat Ayag. Mrs. Pat joined our Primrose family in 2008. Mrs. Pat is our Co-Lead Teacher in Pre-Kindergarten. Mrs. Pat has several years’ experience in teaching from Pre-K to 5th grade. Her husband, Peter is an Engineer at Ericsson. Audrey, her daughter is a member of the National Junior Honor Society and her son, Dylan is in the gifted program and is a MVP team player with PSA Basketball. On the weekends, they enjoy going to church, basketball games and spending quality family time together. Mrs. Pat is a wonderful, caring teacher who takes pride in her classroom and preparing her students for the future. We are happy to have Mrs. Pat be a part of our Primrose family!

Ms. Janie Campbell

Ms. Janie is a wonderful teacher who enjoys the children and watching them grow. On the weekends, Ms. Jaine enjoys shopping and spending time with her friends.

Mrs. Betty Lonas

We are very happy to welcome back Ms. Betty. Ms. Betty has over 15 years in child care experience and 7 years with Primrose. Ms. Betty’s students, staff and Primrose parents were very excited to see her return to our Primrose family. On the weekends, Ms. Betty spends quality time with her grandchildren, Harley rides with her husband of 48 years and walks with her boxer, Rodie.

Ms. Liz

Ms. Elizabeth is a graduate of the University of Texas and will be the new co-teacher with Ms. Katina in our Pre-K program. We are very excited to welcome her and looking forward to our new Pre-K program.  

Ms. Dorothy Robinson

I would like to welcome Ms. Dorothy (Dottie) to our EPS1 program. We are very excited to have her join our team and be a part of our Chase Oaks family. Ms. Dorothy has 15 years in early childhood education and is eager to share her knowledge with her new students and meet her new families. Welcome aboard!

Ms. Jasmine

Ms. Jasmine is a wonderful addition to our Chase Oaks family. Ms. Jasmine has several years experience in early childhood education and we are excited for her to bring her knowledge and love of teaching to the student of Chase Oaks.

Ms. Erica Deal

Welcome Ms. Erica to Primrose Chase Oaks.

Ms. Marian Elarms

Ms. Marian is new to our team and we are very excited to welcome her and her 12 years experience in early childhood education. Ms. Marian earned her certification in Child Development and Administration. She is excited to meet all the students, staff and parents.  Please help me welcome her to our school.

Ms. Jackson

Welcome back Ms. Peaches. We are excited to have you back in our CHase Oaks family!

Ms. Jenna McKinney

Ms. Jenna is excited to start the new school year and meet her new students.

Ms. Urfa
Teacher's Assistant
Ms. Nacirema

Ms. Nasa is a valued team member and we appreciate her dedication. Ms. Nasa has a unique name. Her name is American spelled backwards.

Ms. Natasha W.

Ms. Natasha is our lead infant teacher. Ms. Natasha is from Mesquite TX and studied continued education in college.

Parent Testimonial

My son enrolled at Primrose Chase Oaks in January 2015, and he is so happy. He is not just a student there, but aN actual PERSON. Regardless of the class he's in, every teacher at Primrose knows him and greets and teaches him like he is her own. I'm glad we joined the Primrose family, and every day that I'm greeted by Ms. Tammy and Ms. Bailey is a constant reminder that our family chose the right school!

Danielle Bailey

--Danielle Bailey
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